House Republicans Blasted For Complaining About Biden Not Knowing The Exact Number Of Americans In Afghanistan

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House Republicans complained that Biden didn’t know the precise number of Americans in Afghanistan and were immediately blasted.

Video of the GOP’s complaint:

President Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan admitted this morning that the Biden Administration can't get "a precise count" of Americans who will be left behind in Afghanistan. Let that sink in.


The Backlash Against House Republicans Is Intense

The US government does not require Americans to register their foreign travel, so how could they come up with a count?


Josh Marshall tweeted:

Let this sink in. In no country are US citizens required to registered with the local US Embassy. The US government never has a "precise count" of US citizens in a given country, especially not during a mass evacuation. Let that sink in, as this account says.


The Republican Hypocrisy:

MAGA: "I won't get vaccinated because it injects a microchip which will let Biden track me wherever I go!" Also MAGA: "Why doesn't Biden know the precise location of every single U.S. citizen at every moment everywhere in the world?"


Republicans Say Vaccines Infringe On Personal Freedom, But Also Want The US To Track The Travel Of Every American

Republicans who refuse to get the COVID vaccine because of freedom are now demanding that the freedom to travel privately be taken away from every American. The vaccine is Big Brother, but actual government monitoring of every American’s travel is fine with them.

House Republicans are so desperate to score cheap political points on anything that they throw ideological consistency out the window.

Republicans only value freedom when it is their freedom to do whatever they want. The GOP is a mishmash of knee-jerk reactions, and they deserve to be blasted for such a blatant and utterly clueless politicization of an evacuation.

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