‘High On Mushrooms,’ Miami Beach Accused Shooter Tells Police He Felt Empowered, Chose Victims At Random

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A 22-year-old antheral told Miami Beach constabulary helium felt empowered and chose to sprout 2 radical astatine random Tuesday evening, sidesplitting 1 and wounding another, aft getting precocious connected mushrooms.

Police said Tamarius David fatally changeable a antheral who was sitting with his household successful the outdoor conception of La Cerveceria de Barrio connected Ocean Drive adjacent 14 Street.

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The 2nd unfortunate was changeable but suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The antheral who mislaid his beingness was is being hailed arsenic a leader by his uncle.

Michael Wakefield said his 21-year-old nephew Dustin was eating with his household erstwhile the gunman approached.

Video provided by CBS4 News spouse The Miami Herald shows the arrest. Images whitethorn beryllium disturbing.

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He said Dustin stood betwixt him and his household and was changeable astatine slightest 3 times. Michael calls his nephew a hero.

Markeeta Bradford tells CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that she was astatine the La Cerveceria de Barrio edifice erstwhile the shooting erupted astir 6:30 p.m.

He (Dustin) said to the gunman, “He said this is my son. This is my son. This is my household and helium changeable him 3 times. And helium did a small twirl and helium walked disconnected arsenic if thing was going on.”

She was making a notation to the fishy dancing astir the unfortunate aft helium was shot.

Bradford said, “I consciousness hurt. I consciousness successful pain. I consciousness unsafe. I consciousness similar I americium nary longer connected vacation. I consciousness similar this was a fearfulness movie.”

Cell telephone video captures David being arrested and shouting retired successful an alleyway, “I did it. I did it. I did it.”

“After the shooting, helium was dancing connected apical of the guy,” said a witness, who didn’t privation to beryllium identified.

The witnesser added helium saw 3 shots fired from astir 2 feet away.

Police said a Miami Beach parkland ranger heard a gunshot and helium looked towards
14 Street and Ocean Drive. He observed a idiosyncratic being chased by David. Then, constabulary said, respective shots rang out.

Authorities said the parkland ranger saw David shooting towards the ground. At the aforesaid time, constabulary said they received respective 911 calls successful notation to an progressive shooter successful the area.

When constabulary responded to the area, officers observed David trying to unfastened a locked doorway portion holding a firearm. The officers said they gave large verbal commands to the
defendant to driblet the firearm and helium complied.

David was past taken into custody.

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Responding officers said they located a unfortunate suffering from aggregate gunshot wounds and a 2nd unfortunate was shot, but not injured.

Police said witnesses positively identified David arsenic the shooter.

Authorities said David waived his law rights and confessed to shooting astatine some victims.

David said helium was precocious connected mushrooms, which made him consciousness empowered. He told constabulary helium randomly chose 2 men to sprout at.

David is facing respective charges, including second-degree execution with a limb and attempted murder.

Timothy Burgess said helium saw the shooter occurrence different changeable earlier the sidesplitting happened.

“So I’m sitting successful the alley and I spot the feline and he’s similar talking. He drops his backpack and pulls a weapon retired and shoots and I’m reasoning it’s clip to go,” helium said.

Burgess said helium took off.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, this guy’s got a gun.’ And I get implicit present and he’s connected my and he’s similar chasing maine astir the car,” Burgess said.

Completely unaware, moments later, the aforesaid antheral who helium said was chasing him, would sprout and termination a random antheral conscionable moments later.

Dustin was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital wherever helium succumbed to his injuries.

“It was conscionable precise sad. It makes you recognize however fragile beingness is. You are not harmless anywhere. There are excessively galore guns connected the street, that is conscionable my opinion,” said tourer Natasha Marshall,

Dustin’s uncle said Wakefield was vacationing with his woman and one-year-old son.

He was from Castle Rock, a municipality located 30 miles southbound of Denver and worked successful the operation industry.

Miami Beach Police spokesperson Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said, “In an interrogation with the taxable helium revealed helium was nether the power of narcotics and confessed to the shootings. This was unluckily a wholly random act. There is nary motive down this.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said, “This is horrible. There is nary different mode to picture it. The information that it appears that this was a random and senseless enactment provides nary solace to the household of Mr. Wakefield obviously. All we tin accidental is our hearts spell retired to them.”

Wakefield’s uncle said helium worked successful operation and loved music.

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A gofundme leafage was created to assistance Dustin’s family. Click here if you would similar to help.

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