Hialeah Man Accused Of Spinning Dog Around By Neck Until It Died

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Hialeah antheral was arrested aft helium reportedly strangled a canine to decease and past tied the dormant assemblage to a thoroughfare sign.

According to police, connected Wednesday, September 22nd, they received a telephone astir an assertive antheral and a canine that whitethorn person been injured.

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When an serviceman arrived astatine the location, they recovered 36-year-old Kenny Amaro successful mediate of W 10th Street “acting irrationally.”

The owners of the canine said they recovered its assemblage “lassoed to a postulation thoroughfare sign.”

When constabulary interviewed Amaro, helium told them erstwhile helium encountered the canine successful beforehand of its owners’ residence it acted aggressively toward him, according to the apprehension report, and past walked distant from him to the beforehand porch.

Amaro told the officers helium past lured and grabbed the canine “for the information of the community.” He said that’s erstwhile the canine spot him repeatedly, according to the report.

He reportedly told the officers helium past enactment his loop astir the canine and swung him successful circles respective times portion the canine was suspended by its neck.

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However, constabulary said country surveillance camera video contradicted those claims.

In reviewing the video, constabulary said Amaro spotted the canine connected the beforehand structure and past bent down to lure it to him. They said the canine walked up to him successful a non-aggressive mode and past walked past him. The canine past walked backmost to him and past returned to the beforehand porch.

Police said erstwhile again Amaro tried to lure the canine to him. When the canine went to him, the video showed Amaro looping his loop astir the dog’s cervix and pulling connected it arsenic helium stood up. He past spun the canine astir by its cervix respective times, according to the report. He past reportedly pinned the canine to the crushed and continued to strangle it earlier spinning it astir again.

Amaro continued to clasp the loop “as the canine lies motionless successful the roadway,” according to the report.

Police said, according to the video, astatine nary constituent did the canine ever enactment aggressively toward Amaro nor did helium backmost distant from it arsenic if successful fearfulness for his safety.

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He’s been charged with carnal cruelty with the intent to bash harm oregon kill.

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