‘Haiti Just Never Gets A Break’: Local Woman Connects With Food For The Poor To Help Earthquake Survivors

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As thousands unreserved to assistance the radical of Haiti, galore are uncovering the process to get assistance to the state much hard than expected. Betsy Bray is among them.

“I conscionable thought Haiti conscionable ne'er gets a break,” said Bray.

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Compelled to assistance the radical of Haiti, she decided to cod items and person them shipped to the state – yet getting a store afloat of items.

Bray partnered with an enactment successful Haiti with an bureau successful South Florida, reasoning they had connections to get the items to those successful need. But the endeavor was easier said than done.

“They were trying to get country connected a cargo vessel to Haiti but it fell done a mates times. The cargo vessel was going 1 time and past it wasn’t going different day, and it’s conscionable benignant of been up and up and down and each implicit the place,” added Bray.

Katy Meagher with CBS4’s Neighbors 4 Neighbors said those difficulties are not uncommon and that a batch of organizations person issues getting donated goods to different state due to the fact that it tin beryllium hard to find transportation. She besides said the items tin get stuck successful customs oregon adjacent stolen.

“It’s ever logistics. There’s ever a occupation with storing, transporting items,” she said. “And it becomes progressively problematic erstwhile you’re going to different country.”

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Because of the challenges she said the assemblage should vet the enactment they donate to oregon reconsider the benignant of donation.

“I ever suggest springiness wealth oregon marque definite your donating to a root similar the large names, the Red Crosses of the world,” said Meagher.

Food For The Poor is among those larger organizations with a way grounds for getting donated items to those successful need.

“Food For The Poor has been moving successful Haiti for implicit 35 years. So since this caller earthquake that has happened, we’ve been sending a batch of assistance down to Haiti,” said Food For The Poor COO Mark Khouri. “And our bureau successful Haiti has already sent 40 tracker-trailer loads of nutrient and indispensable items to the radical who are affected by this devastating earthquake.”

This week alone, Food For The Poor sent 3 containers of aid. CBS4 connected them with Bray and her items volition beryllium a portion of their adjacent shipment.

“I emotion the thought of picturing this structure going to this 1 household that would really, truly payment by having this,” said Bray. “It could beryllium wherever they unrecorded and the h2o and the tarps and the sleeping container and each the stuff. I emotion the idea.”

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And click here for a database of organizations gathering funds and supplies to assistance those successful request successful Haiti.

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