GOP In Disarray As Mitch McConnell Goes After The RNC And Calls 1/6 A Violent Insurrection

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The chaos and division are growing in the Republican Party as Mitch McConnell expressed his disagreement with the RNC on 1/6 and censuring Cheney and Kinzinger.

Mitch McConnell Calls 1/6 A Violent Insurrection To Disrupt The Transfer Of Power


McConnell was asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if calling 1/6 legitimate political discourse and censuring Cheney and Kinzinger was appropriate.

The Senate Minority Leader answered,  “Let me give you my view of what happened on January the 6th, and we all were here. We saw what happened. It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next. That’s what it was. Concerning the suggestion that the RNC should be in the business of picking and choosing Republicans who ought to be supported, traditionally, the view of the national party committees is that we support all members of our party regardless of their positions on some issues. “

McConnell was then asked if he had confidence in Ronna Romney McDaniel as RNC Chair.

He said, “I do, but the issue is whether or not the RNC should be sort of singling out members of our party who may have different views from the majority. That’s not the job of the RNC. “

The RNC’s Appeasement Of Trump Has Backfired

Divisions are growing within the Republican Party. Trump is no longer in power to use fear to keep the members of his party in line, so there are some clear fault lines emerging.

The split among Republicans about the 1/6 attack is a proxy for the divide among Republicans about Trump.

Trump thought that he could get payback on his enemies with the censure and defense of the 1/6 attack, but it has backfired and revealed the weakness of the Republican Party.

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