From Red Carpet Runways To Hospital Hallways, Miami-Designer René Ruiz Designs Transplant Recovery Gowns For Patients

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For much than 2 decades, Miami manner decorator René Ruiz has designed glamorous gowns worn by celebrities and nationalist figures astatine reddish carpet events, galas, and runway shows. But now, Ruiz is going from the reddish carpet to infirmary hallways designing transplant betterment gowns.

Designing nether the marque “René by RR” retired of his Aventura studio, helium is giving backmost to the assemblage and dedicating much clip to philanthropy by creating a enactment of infirmary gowns to assistance transplant patients during their betterment process astatine Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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These gowns don’t person sequins oregon sexy hemlines. They are each astir changing the lives of the patients.

“I came retired with this infirmary gown that is called a transplant betterment gown. It’s called Legacy by René due to the fact that of the bequest we permission down erstwhile we donate organs.”

Rene Ruiz JMH transplant betterment gowns (CBS4)

At a caller foundation event, Ruiz was asked by a Jackson Health System’s manager if helium would deliberation astir designing customized made infirmary gowns for transplant patients recovering from analyzable surgeries.  Ruiz jumped close in.

“I spoke to galore patients and nurses and technicians, and I gathered from them everything that they wanted, what volition marque their jobs and lives easier portion they are recovering,” Ruiz said.

Nurse Suzanne Balbosa-Saunders said transplant patients person drains, lines, and catheters to woody with making mobility, and comfort difficult. She said erstwhile a diligent tried the gown connected it was magical.

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“We had a league with 1 of our patients and she offered to exemplary the gown for us, and you should’ve seen her look erstwhile she enactment it on,” Balbosa- Saunders said. “She was truthful happy. She said this is the champion gown she’s ever enactment on. It was truthful large seeing that. It gave maine goosebumps.”

Rene Ruiz JMH transplant betterment gowns (Jackson Health)

Ruiz utilized softer, washable fabrics from Spain successful the color of Jackson Memorial bluish and paid peculiar attraction to areas wherever the lines would tally through, creating pockets and snaps for privacy.

The betterment gowns, which volition beryllium rolled out at JMH precise soon, were manufactured successful Miami by Goodwill Industries of South Florida, an enactment Ruiz has worked with before.

“65 percent of them successful the workforce are mentally challenged and these are radical that are really making worldly successful Miami, producing things successful Miami. That was precise important for me,” helium explained.

For Ruiz, couture mightiness beryllium his namesake, but the Legacy by RR betterment gowns seems to beryllium his calling.

“It’s astonishing done the full happening moving successful manner shows, with stylists and models and photograph shoots, but conscionable doing this 1 infirmary gown is truthful rewarding and truthful cool,” Ruiz said.

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Next for Ruiz is to plan transplant betterment gowns for children arsenic well. He also has plans connected releasing a afloat acceptable to deterioration and edifice postulation for René by RR successful Summer of 2022.

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