Florida Judge Overturns Gov. DeSantis’ School Mask Mandate Ban

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) — A Florida Circuit Court justice has overturned Gov. Ron DeSantis’ disguise mandate prohibition for Florida schools, ruling the politician overstepped his authorization by issuing an enforcement bid banning the mandates.

Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper connected Friday agreed with a radical of parents who claimed successful a suit that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ prohibition connected the mandates is unconstitutional and cannot beryllium enforced.

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Cooper said DeSantis’ bid “is without ineligible authority.”

The governor’s bid gave parents the sole close to determine if their kid wears a disguise astatine school. Cooper’s determination came aft a three-day virtual proceeding and arsenic astatine slightest 10 Florida schoolhouse boards, including Miami-Dade and Broward counties, voted to defy DeSantis and enforce disguise requirements with nary parental opt-out.

Cooper said that portion the politician and others person argued that a caller Florida instrumentality gives parents the eventual authorization to oversee wellness issues for their children, it besides exempts authorities actions that are needed to support nationalist wellness and are tenable and constricted successful scope. He said a schoolhouse district’s determination to necessitate pupil masking to forestall the dispersed of the microorganism falls wrong that exemption.

The justice besides noted that 2 Florida Supreme Court decisions from 1914 and 1939 recovered that idiosyncratic rights are constricted by their interaction connected the rights of others. For example, helium said, adults person the close to portion intoxicant but not to thrust drunk. There is simply a close to escaped speech, but not to harass oregon endanger others oregon outcry “fire” successful a crowded theater, helium said.

“We don’t person that close due to the fact that exercising the close successful that mode is harmful oregon perchance harmful to different people,” Cooper said. He added that the instrumentality “is afloat of examples of rights that are constricted (when) the bully of others … would beryllium adversely affected by those rights.”

DeSantis has dismissed the masking proposal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arsenic not applicable to Florida, but Cooper cited galore Florida laws and statutes covering wellness attraction successful nursing homes, prisons and elsewhere that accidental authorities decision-makers should springiness large value to CDC guidelines.

Counties with specified disguise requirements present correspond astir fractional of Florida’s 2.8 cardinal students.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried applauded the decision.

“Today, Florida’s judicial subdivision affirmed what we person known to beryllium true: Governor DeSantis’ prohibition connected masks successful schools is not lone a unsafe authorities overreach that puts children’s lives astatine risk, but it besides violates Florida law. This ruling is simply a triumph for communal sense, for children’s safety, and for each the families and schoolhouse officials who person been warring to support their loved ones, students, and staff,” said her statement. “Governor, it’s past clip to locomotion distant from this ridiculous, politically motivated combat and absorption alternatively connected moving unneurotic to support the radical of Florida by encouraging scientifically-proven vaccines and disguise guidelines. I’m arrogant to proceed to basal with the brave section officials and families who person been warring for what the tribunal contiguous affirmed is right.”

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