Florida Judge Hears Arguments Over School Mask Mandates

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) — A Leon County circuit justice began proceeding arguments Monday successful a high-profile suit astir whether Florida schoolhouse districts should beryllium capable to acceptable pupil disguise requirements arsenic COVID-19 continues to surge crossed the state..

The parents are challenging a July 30 enforcement order by Gov. Ron DeSantis that seeks to artifact region schoolhouse boards from requiring students to deterioration masks. The lawsuit, successful part, alleges that the enforcement bid violates a conception of the authorities Constitution that requires providing a “uniform, efficient, safe, unafraid and precocious prime system” of nationalist schools.

“Because of the delta variant, our nationalist schools are not harmless and unafraid astatine this clip unless everyone wears a mask,” Charles Dodson, a erstwhile justice who is representing the parents, said during an opening statement.

DeSantis, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, the Florida Department of Education and the State Board of Education are named arsenic defendants successful the lawsuit, which is being heard by Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper.

Corcoran and the authorities committee successful caller weeks person pressured schoolhouse districts to travel a authorities Department of Health regularisation that said, successful part, that parents indispensable beryllium allowed to opt retired of pupil disguise requirements. The wellness department’s regularisation was triggered by DeSantis’ order.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers called connected Thomas Unnasch, a University of South Florida prof who specializes successful illness control, to reenforce the statement that the delta variant increases the request for students to deterioration masks successful classrooms.

“This does look to beryllium a much pathogenic microorganism that’s causing much unwellness successful children successful each property groups than the variants that we’ve antecedently seen,” Unnasch said during questioning by the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Unnasch called into question a Brown University survey cited successful DeSantis’ enforcement order. The survey was utilized arsenic a ground for the bid asserting determination is nary “well-grounded technological justification” for forcing children to deterioration masks.

“The Brown University study, no, would not person notation to immoderate information applicable to the delta variant. It was conducted successful the outpouring of this twelvemonth … during the (2020-2021) schoolhouse year, outpouring semester. It wouldn’t person included thing with the delta variant, which truly took disconnected precocious June, aboriginal July,” Unnasch said.

Daniel Bean, an lawyer representing the state, questioned Unnasch astir “different opinions among experts successful the aesculapian field, regarding the efficacy of disguise wearing among students” and the transmission of COVID-19.

Dodson, successful his introductory remarks to the court, called DeSantis’ bid “arbitrary and capricious” and said his clients question lone to let section power by schoolhouse boards.

“We are not asking the politician to mandate masks but lone that helium let section schoolhouse boards to bash truthful without punishment, should they truthful choose,” Dodson said.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys besides hoped the grounds of parents would assistance sway Cooper.

“You are going to perceive these parents’ valid concerns for the information of their children portion successful school, portion this delta variant is rampant,” Dodson, a erstwhile Leon County circuit judge, said.

The state’s witnesses were expected to see Jay Bhattacharya, a prof of medicine astatine Stanford University who has participated successful property events hosted by DeSantis during the pandemic.

“He volition attest that successful places wherever masks were not required, schools were low-risk environments of illness spread,” said Michael Abel, an lawyer representing the state.

Abel said Bhattacharya volition besides reason that determination is “ample evidence” of carnal and developmental harm to children from wearing masks.

The state’s lawyers besides mean to usage grounds from parents who reason disguise mandates.

“Like the plaintiff families, these are parents who attraction arsenic astir promoting the champion interests of their children,” Abel said.

While the statement implicit whether to necessitate students to deterioration masks plays retired successful court, immoderate districts person rebelled against the authorities and mandated masks, with exceptions lone for students with doctors’ notes.

Sarasota and Leon counties during the past fewer days joined Alachua, Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Hillsborough schoolhouse districts successful enacting specified disguise requirements.

The Sarasota County School Board approved a disguise mandate Friday, and Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna followed suit implicit the weekend.

Corcoran and the State Board of Education person taken steps to ratchet up unit connected the Alachua and Broward districts, which were the archetypal 2 to spell up with disguise requirements.

State committee Chairman Tom Grady and Vice Chairman Ben Gibson signed orders Friday that threatened to withhold territory funds successful amounts adjacent to the corporate monthly salaries of schoolhouse committee members if the districts did not alteration course.

In a written effect to the authorities committee Sunday, Alachua County Superintendent Carlee Simon held steadfast to the district’s disguise policy, which she said is portion of an “obligation” that the territory supply harmless schools.

“Universally masking is the astir effectual strategy we presently have, too vaccination, to conscionable this obligation.We presently person 273 affirmative pupil cases and 63 affirmative big cases. This fig is increasing each day,” Simon said.

Simon told the authorities committee that Alachua schoolhouse committee members marque an yearly wage of $40,287.

The Broward schoolhouse committee was fixed until 10 a.m. Tuesday to respond to the state, the territory told The News Service of Florida connected Monday.

The Broward territory appears poised to support its disguise policy, arsenic it said successful a connection Friday that the schoolhouse committee “feels the politician is overreaching his authority.”

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