FIFA 22 release date, trailers, features and everything you need to know

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(Pocket-lint) - FIFA 22 will be released this October and EA has been gradually revealing more about the game.

We've been tracking all the announcements, so here is everything you need to know about FIFA 22 so far.

FIFA 22 release date

FIFA 22 will be released on 1 October 2021.

Those who purchase the Ultimate Edition will be able to play it four days early (from 27 September).

An early access, time-limited trial version will also be available to EA Play members.


Those who buy the Xbox One or PS4 version of the Ultimate Edition will get a free upgrade to Xbox Series X/S or PS5 through EA's "Dual Entitlement". Unlilke last year though, you will not get a free upgrade with the standard edition.

FIFA 22 cover star

Once again, PSG and France's Kylian Mbappé is the cover star, having appeared on the packaging for FIFA 21 now FIFA 22.

"Being on back-to-back FIFA covers is amazing," he said. "I have a very special relationship with the game and look forward to enjoying FIFA 22 alongside all of you."

Confirmed FIFA 22 features

We have a few confirmed features and upgrades, most of which you'll find covered in the below gameplay trailer. Plus, thanks to a deep dive with the development team, we also know a bit more about how they will affect gameplay.


The first confirmed feature for this year's release is HyperMotion. As seen in the first official trailer and deep dive, players have been motion captured in 11v11 match situations.

Using a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, the technology was used to assess more than 8.7 million frames of player movement to create animation in real time. This gives the game a more organic feel, with interactions and responses more accurately rendered. Animation is greatly improved too, with a more realistic feel to player motion both on and off the ball.

HyperMotion is exclusive to the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia versions of the game.


Also confirmed is a from-the-ground-up rebuild of the goalkeeper system, with more animations and, hopefully, a higher degree of reliability.

Attacking tactics

You can now set different attacking tactics depending on which half of the pitch the ball is in. This means you are less likely to have everyone bomb forward when the ball is still in your area, even though you have gained possession.

Create Your Club

Career mode expands this year with the ability to create your own football club and steer it to glory.

You can choose to start in any league, pick a name and a nickname (which will be used in commentary), and even select another club to be your bitter rivals.

You get to customise the team's home and away kits, plus your home stadium. Like with Ultimate Team in FIFA 21, your stadium colours and styles can be changed, along with goal songs, crowd chants and walkout anthems.

No new club would be complete without a squad of players and you can populate yours with an all-new line-up.

You control your team's star rating and average age, which will determine the new players that are generated. The spread of nationalities of players will be accurate to the league you choose to play in.

When that's done, you can also choose the team's budget to play with - in order to sign new players.

Finally, board priorities will be important for your new club and will depend on the star rating of your created team and the league you are in.

This all allows for a majorly varied experience depending on your choices.

Player Career

There are a number of changes in the Playeer Career mode this year.

For starters, your player can now come off the bench to influence a match. Previously FIFAs have always enabled you to be subbed, but not come on as one.

A new manager rating system will track your progression and your standing in the team, based on objectives met or missed throughout the game. This also appies to international matches.

New animated dressing room sequences have been added to Player Career, while transfer negotiation animations have been tweaked.

Player Growth

There is a new, overhauled player growth system for your created player (in Player Career). You will earn XP and unlock skill points as you play, which you can spend on a new skill tree to enhance attributes.

In addition, you can now unlock perks as you level up and assign up to three of them before matches. Chance creation, attacking support and defensive cover can all be boosted for a match.

Volta Football

A new trailer for Volta was posted on 9 September. It shows a new skill metre, signature abilities - such as pure pace and aggressive tackle, arcade matches with crazy rules and party games, plus Volta Seasons.

The latter feature adds new content, new gear and new locations each season. Check out the video for more.

Ultimate Team - Division Rivals

A whole load of new Ultimate Team features have been detailed. Division Rivals has been overhauled, for example.

There is a new seasonal progression system, as well as an all-new Elite Division for the top tier players to compete in.

Progression in a division is now more transparent - there are different ranks within the same division to reflect your progress, with better weekly rewards available across them.

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There are stages, which are the individual steps between the ranks, and checkpoints to ensure you don't sink backwards too quickly. This will better ensure you continue to fave opponents at the right skill level.

When you win a match, you will progress a stage, lose one and you go back (unless you are on a checkpoint). Drawing will see you remain at the same level.

There will also be Win Streaks, with additional wins beyond the first two lifting you up stages.

All players will start in Division 10 initially - there is no longer a qualifying round.

Weekly rewards are now based on how many matches you win before the end of the week - with the prizes based on the division and rank you are in.

As Division Rivals will now be tied to FUT Seasons there will be seasonal milestones and rewards. These will refresh at the end of a six week season.

Ultimate Team - FUT Champions

FUT Champs changes a touch this year too. It wil now be spread across the week, rather than just at weekends in order to reduce the commitment required to take part.

It will now be split into Play-Offs and Finals rounds, with a points system adopted rather than wins.

You will still need to quality for FUT Champions through earning points in Division Rivals, but the Play-Offs round will run for the length of the current FUT season - approximately six weeks.

You can play your set number of Play-Offs matches in your own time, with your rewards awarded at the end of your run. In this time you earn points for your Champions Rank and those who earn enough will receive a Qualification Token for the Finals.

If you don't make it to the Finals, you can re-enter the Play-Offs (if you have enough entry points to redeem).

FUT Champions Finals will take place on weekends. Additional rewards will be available immediately on completion.

FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes

FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes are "completely new items that represent the stories and glory of cult players and fan favourites".

Co-op Public Matchmaking

Co-op Public Matchmaking is a new online mode for those who struggled to find co-op partners in FIFA 21. It allows players to easily find a co-op partner to play with a pre-set squad.

Women's football

It has been confirned that ex-England and Arsenal women's footballer, now TV pundit, Alex Scott, will be the first female commentator in the series' history. Women's football is also better represented in-game, with the ability to create and play as a female footballer in the Pro Clubs game mode.

Dynamic Tifos

Tifos can be generated from any player in the game, including custom made ones. They will be shown ahead of important matches in career mode.


FIFA 22 leaks photo 6

FIFA 22 leaks

As well as the confirmed features, a number of leaked features have been revealed by those who played a closed beta version of the match engine. They are not confirmed and there are no guarantees that they'll feature in the final game.

FIFA tweeter @KingLangpard managed to share some of the best before the beta was withdrawn.

Updated heat maps

Rather than a field of dots, the heat maps in the FIFA 22 beta look more like they do in real football coverage.

Expected goals (straight from the books of Opta) have also arrived in the game - they differentiate between shots on target and those that actually had a chance of being a goal.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 26, 2021

Passing mechanics

There are reportedly new passing mechanics, although there have been few examples leaked on what that entails.

Player switching

There are additional manual player switching controls. As KingLangpard says, you can now press R3 (the right thumbstick) and flick the stick towards one of the three closest players (they have an arrow showing the direction).

This doesn't replace the one-button switching or right thumbstick flick, just gives another option.


Player Switching:

When defending, pressing R3 let’s you choose between 3 of the closest players and they all have an arrow set for the direction you flick R3 towards

Can still also use R1 or flick the right stick as normal.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS  (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

Second man pressing

It seems EA is dialling down second man pressing to make it less effective over a period of time.

2nd man press:

Its nerfed a bit, there’s a little green arrow above the player that is 2nd man pressing and it depletes quickly (3-4 seconds max), soon as it depletes the player’s press isn’t as intense and basically non existent, also pulls your player out of position.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

Crossing and heading

According to those who've played the beta so far, crossing and heading are too overpowered. That'll likely be tweaked before release.


There's bad news for those who liked to troll opponents with numerous nutmegs.

— FIFA 22 NEWS AND LEAKS (@KingLangpard) June 26, 2021

FIFA 22 screens

You can check out some great FIFA 22 screenshots below...


FIFA 22 screens photo 5


FIFA 22 screens photo 1


FIFA 22 screens photo 2


FIFA 22 screens photo 4


FIFA 22 screens photo 3

FIFA 22 platforms

FIFA 22 will release for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (via Origin and Steam) and Google Stadia. As with the last few years. a feature-stripped FIFA 22 Legacy Edition will release for Nintendo Switch.


Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 30 June 2021.

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