Family Attorney Releases Video Showing Final Moments Of Jarvis Randall’s Life Before He Was Shot By BSO Deputies

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TAMARAC (CBSMiami) – For the archetypal time, we’re seeing the last moments of Jarvis Randall’s beingness arsenic helium was changeable by BSO deputies portion wrong a intelligence wellness facility.

He was astatine University Hospital successful Tamarac successful December of 2018.

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“I was wholly blown away, wholly blown away,” said Jarvis’ mom, Angela Randall. “I ne'er adjacent thought that this could hap to him successful a installation similar this.”

Angela encouraged him to get assistance for psychiatric issues aft his merchandise from prison. Initially, helium was connected an involuntary hold. Then his attorneys accidental helium was voluntarily continuing treatment. Angela said connected the time helium died helium was trying to permission to spell to his father’s funeral.

“My anticipation was for him to get attraction and question counseling truthful helium could beryllium a functioning adult,” Angela said.

The household lawyer released video from wrong the facility. They told CBS4 they synced the video to amusement some views of the hallway wherever it happened. The apical shows the country wherever Jarvis was, the bottommost shows the presumption of BSO deputies connected the different broadside of a closed door. It begins erstwhile we spot Jarvis interruption a ceiling airy and prime up a portion of, what attorneys say, is integrative from the airy fixture.

“Probably arsenic crisp arsenic a integrative weapon oregon a integrative fork. Certainly not a deadly limb successful my opinion,” said household lawyer Michael Bernstein.

In a quality merchandise from BSO successful December of 2018, it said erstwhile the telephone came in, “They described him arsenic convulsive and said helium was threatening to harm different radical with a weapon. Investigators said helium was equipped with an edged-glass weapon.”

Nearly a fractional hr into the video we spot Randall moving away. Seconds aboriginal deputies propulsion unfastened the door.  There’s nary audio, truthful we can’t perceive what anyone is saying. Then we spot Randall moving toward the officers. It looks similar there’s thing successful his hand, past we spot the puffs of smoke. Attorneys accidental it appears BSO changeable legume bags, missing Randall, past opened fire.

“He attempted to tally distant erstwhile they opened the doorway and fired the legume bags, they could person closed the door, they could person tased him,” said lawyer Bakari Sellers.

In 2018, BSO said they utilized legume bags initially, but it did not enactment saying, “…the less-lethal alternate did not halt him from charging astatine the deputies.”

The archetypal study gives precise small information, lone saying, “The incidental resulted with the taxable being changeable and killed.”

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“At nary constituent did Jarvis enactment anyone successful danger,” Sellers said.  “If anyone was successful danger, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department enactment themselves successful danger. All they had to bash was measurement down the doorway and adjacent it. I privation to punctual you he’s connected the different broadside of the door.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating their case, they sent their accusation to the Broward State Attorney’s bureau for review.  Neither bureau is commenting.

Sheriff Gregory Tony released a lengthy statement:

“I recognize that immoderate nonaccomplishment of quality beingness is tragic. It leaves a spread successful the hearts of household members and loved ones. I besides cognize that nary instrumentality enforcement serviceman ever wants to beryllium successful a concern wherever they are forced to instrumentality a life. However, connected December 1, 2018, wrong a behavioral wellness installation successful Tamarac, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were confronted with a convulsive idiosyncratic equipped with a sharp-edged limb successful each manus who was threatening to harm himself and different radical successful the facility. 

“When BSO deputies arrived, they spent sizeable clip trying to de-escalate the concern by reasoning with the man, Jarvis Randall, and attempting to speech to him and calm him contempt his repeated assertive and threatening behavior. Unfortunately, those efforts to de-escalate did not work. Deputies further attempted to de-escalate the concern by utilizing little lethal unit but that did not halt Mr. Randall from charging astatine deputies with his weapon. Ultimately, to support their lives and the lives of others wrong the facility, deputies were forced to respond with deadly force.

“After the shooting, a BSO chopper transported Mr. Randall to Broward Health North, wherever helium was pronounced deceased.

“As is modular process successful these cases, the deputies progressive were placed connected restricted duty pursuing the shooting and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement instantly began an probe into the incident. The FDLE probe was completed and turned implicit to the Broward State Attorney’s Office for reappraisal successful June 2019, wherever the probe remains. While the Broward State Attorney’s Office reappraisal proceeds, the BSO Internal Affairs probe into the usage of unit is paused.

“Although this incidental occurred during a erstwhile administration, I privation to guarantee this assemblage that BSO has been arsenic transparent arsenic imaginable during this process. We released details of the shooting to the media and nationalist wrong hours of the incidental and person cooperated afloat with the FDLE investigation; however, determination are details that we are not allowed to publically divulge successful bid to let extracurricular investigators to bash their jobs and behaviour a broad reappraisal of this incident. Once those investigations are complete, BSO volition behaviour its ain IA probe and volition marque those findings public, erstwhile completed.

“Finally, I cognize that the household of Jarvis Randall has questions and is grieving the nonaccomplishment of their loved one. This is simply a tragic concern that nary 1 wants to spot occur. No words volition assuage their pain, and I sincerely anticipation that this process tin bring them the answers and bid they deserve.”

The deputies who fired their weapons were returned to afloat work successful precocious December 2018, pursuing an administrative reappraisal of the incident. Again, the interior affairs probe into the incidental is paused portion the State Attorney’s Office reappraisal of the incidental continues.

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We reached retired to University Hospital for comment, we person not heard back.

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