Fall 2021 Back To School Mask Guide

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) —  South Florida students who are heading backmost to the schoolroom for the caller schoolhouse twelvemonth volition beryllium contending with 1 of the astir unsafe times successful the pandemic for children owed to the contagious delta variant.

Below is simply a usher to what each South Florida schoolhouse territory is requiring oregon mandating erstwhile it comes to masks, on with immoderate accusation and links to further speechmaking material.

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The CDC has recommended that masks beryllium worn by each students and unit successful each K-12 schools, careless of vaccination status, but section districts are approaching the guidance successful antithetic ways.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Masks Optional (subject to change)

Miami-Dade County Public Schools says it volition sermon Wednesday, August 18th, what it volition bash for the upcoming schoolhouse year.  During a gathering of aesculapian experts connected Monday, August 16th, doctors agreed that masks should beryllium mandatory for students and staff, saying determination is nary grey area. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said that helium is successful statement with the recommendations of the wellness experts and supports mandatory masking. He added, though, that determination could beryllium aesculapian opt-outs for definite students.

The District volition necessitate K-12 students to deterioration look masks successful schoolhouse buses.

Miami-Dade Public School students instrumentality to people connected August 23.


Broward County Public Schools voted Tuesday, August 10, to support the schoolhouse district’s disguise mandate that was primitively approved July 28.

The committee voted 8-1 to support the disguise mandate successful place, allowing exceptions for wellness and information concerns only.

The opt-out provisions are for those with aesculapian conditions, Individual Education Plans, and students who suffice for Section 504 accommodations.

Broward County Public Schools students instrumentality to people connected August 18.


Masks volition beryllium required for everyone wrong Monroe County schools and connected buses.

Parents and guardians whitethorn take to opt-out of this request by filling retired an opt-out signifier connected the schoolhouse territory website.  District unit indispensable deterioration a facial covering indoors and connected territory proscription with nary enactment of enactment of opting out.

The argumentation volition beryllium reexamined astatine the adjacent School Board gathering connected August 24.

Monroe County Public School students returned to people connected August 12.

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Students attending the 57 Catholic schools successful Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties are required to deterioration masks unless they are afloat vaccinated. The objection is erstwhile children are eating, playing sports oregon “other vigorous activities.”

Masks are optional for students erstwhile they are outdoors careless of vaccination status.

The argumentation volition beryllium reviewed weekly.

The archetypal time of schoolhouse is Wednesday, August 18.


These decisions came aft Gov. Ron DeSantis  issued an enforcement order requiring the state’s wellness and acquisition departments to make rules that let parents — not schools — to determine whether their children should deterioration masks. The order efficaciously prohibits disguise mandates successful schoolhouse districts.

Several lawsuits person been filed challenging the constitutionality of the enforcement order.


University of Miami

The usage of masks successful outdoor settings is nary longer required connected immoderate University of Miami campus.

Click here for much connected investigating and vaccination requirements.

Florida International University

It is recommended that individuals connected field deterioration a disguise / look covering indoors and lavation their hands frequently. Additionally, each students, module and unit who travel to field indispensable implicit the P3 app questionnaire each clip they travel to campus.

Click here for more.

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