Every New Fighter Coming To Guilty Gear, Street Fighter V, And More This Week

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EVO Online 2021, a two-weekend fighting game tournament for five headlining fighting games, concluded last night. While the event didn’t have the typical blowout finals day for featuring all of the top games, the competition was as fierce as ever. Like any other EVO, the arrival of new characters and balance changes are hitting fighting games as soon as the day after the tournament concludes. Below are the newest characters out now or coming in the next few weeks to shake up their respective games.

These are only some of the new additions to the various fighting games in active development. Last week, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco updated the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ with a massive balance update changing properties on much of the cast (including giving some characters new moves and super moves). They even changed the tag and "sparking" systems in ways that will upend the meta and how DBFZ is fundamentally played.

Just after EVO is the best time to start or get back into a fighting game. There's plenty of new content for existing players to dig into, and tons of new players are beginning their journey with the game that impressed them most for the tournament. If you're new to fighting games or haven't played in a while, I'd encourage you to take some time now to give one of these fighters a shot.

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