Erika Verdecia’s Confessed Murderer Eric Pierson Had Other Victims

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SUNRISE (CBSMiami) — The antheral Sunrise constabulary says confessed to the execution of Erika Verdecia, whose assemblage was recovered successful a canal aft being missing for 3 weeks, had a checkered past including different execution and present that victim’s household is speaking out.

“There’s nary mode helium should beryllium out, helium was accidental to enactment successful determination for astatine slightest 35 years of his situation sentence,” said Crystal Grimstead, the sister of execution unfortunate Kristina Whitaker, referring to 54-year-old Eric Pierson. Pierson was convicted of sidesplitting her sister and is the aforesaid idiosyncratic Sunrise constabulary accidental confessed to the execution of Erika Verdecia.

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Erika went missing backmost connected September 24th. Her assemblage was discovered successful a canal implicit the play but 28 years ago, Pierson committed different gruesome murder, the strangling of Grimstead’s sister Kristina.

“My sister was a beauteous 17-year-old who had truthful overmuch beingness up of her, had a aboriginal up of her and present we spell done each this symptom from each the memories that travel up and they fto him retired truthful helium tin enactment different household done each this,” added Grimstead.

Pierson was fixed 40 years for Kristina’s murder, but lone served astir fractional of the sentence.

Attorney Ignacio Alvarez with ALGO Law Firm says anterior to that, Pierson had a erstwhile attempted execution conviction.

“Mr. Pierson had been convicted already for attempted murder, served lone 4 retired of the 18 years and wrong 1 twelvemonth of being released helium killed Kristina Whitaker, added Alvarez.

A connection by the Florida Department of Corrections said Pierson was not released aboriginal and alternatively released astatine the expiration of his sentence, connected September 3, 2020, successful compliance with the laws governing summation clip and merchandise dates astatine the clip his transgression was committed.

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Alvarez says astatine the clip Pierson was sentenced, the laws requiring prisoners to service 85% of their sentences did not exist.

“He was convicted successful 1993, the caller instrumentality did not instrumentality impact until 1995 and you cannot spell backwards, added Alvarez.

As for Grimstead, she says if Pierson’s archetypal and 2nd releases didn’t happen, her sister Kristina and Erica would beryllium live today..

“We cannot support our kids and our household if our justness strategy isn’t helping america support america either,” said Grimstead.

The ironic portion of this concern Whitaker’s parent helped to propulsion for longer situation sentences. The authorities changed the laws truthful that convicts would person to service 85% of their situation sentence, but that alteration could not beryllium applied retroactively for Pierson.

Erika Verdecia leaves down a 6-year-old daughter.

Her household is asking for assistance and person acceptable up a GoFundMe page.

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A vigil is being planned successful the coming days.

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