Eric Swalwell Calls For DOJ Investigation As Terrified Kevin McCarthy Gets Criminal

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called for a Department of Justice criminal investigation into Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) obstructing justice.

Swalwell told Greg Sargent of The Washington Post:

“I see it as clear obstruction of justice,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) told me. “He’s telling the telecommunications companies to not honor a lawful subpoena, or there could be some penalty down the line.” Swalwell said a referral to the Justice Department should be considered.

Legal expert Norm Eisen also said that all of the elements of obstruction of justice are in McCarthy’s threat to the telecom companies.

Kevin McCarthy is threatening the telecom companies because he is terrified.

Rep. McCarthy has no other cards to play. He has no power to limit or stop the 1/6 Committee. His messaging war to discredit the committee has flopped.

The only left for McCarthy to do is to try to blackmail the telecom companies with a promise of future retaliation if they turn over his phone records to the committee.

Kevin McCarthy is clearly hiding something, and it is likely more than a single conversation with Donald Trump on 1/6.

McCarthy can’t hide the evidence, and his efforts to obstruct justice are likely to end with him being a target in a federal criminal investigation.

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