Earthquake Having Devastating Financial Impact On Haitian Americans In South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Rescue and betterment efforts proceed successful Haiti aft yet different earthquake devastated the country.

But North Miami Mayor Philippe Bien-Aime says devastation volition beryllium felt by radical who are thousands of miles from the island.

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“I deliberation the 7.2 earthquake is gonna person a batch of effects connected the Haitian-American surviving here,” said Bien-Aime.

He went connected to accidental those effects see an unexpected fiscal interaction for galore Haitians surviving successful South Florida.

“For the archetypal procreation of Haitian-Americans who’ve been making $2, $3 an hr moving astatine hotels, restaurants, successful the farms, those radical close now, they are surviving connected a status paycheck,” helium said. “But they can’t marque a surviving with that paycheck, truthful what they did is usage their 401k, their savings, immoderate they person and they built thing backmost home.”

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Bien-Aime is among the Floridians who spent thousands to physique a spot successful his location country.

But according to Haitian officials, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed much than 7,000 homes and damaged astir 5,000 more. And with galore of those properties built by Floridians, the impacts volition soon deed wallets locally.

“Over 50% of the gathering successful Haiti, particularly the countryside, person been built by the diaspora. That means radical who’ve been surviving here,” said Bien-Aime, who went connected to adhd astir of those properties are being utilized by their families but yet were meant for Haitian-Americans to discontinue backmost home.

That present means galore of them volition person to commencement implicit from scratch with little resources than before.

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“So you tin spot the interaction not lone successful Haiti, but close present successful North Miami, successful South Florida” said Bien-Aime.

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