Dolphins’ Austin Jackson: ‘The Vaccine Definitely Helped’

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MIAMI GARDENS (AP) — Miami Dolphins near tackle Austin Jackson believes radical are entitled to marque their ain decisions astir whether to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

That said, he’s thankful helium got his shots.

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Jackson was backmost astatine signifier Wednesday with the Dolphins — winded, sweaty and a spot bushed erstwhile it was over, but different declaring himself steadfast and strong. He spent past week completing a bid of protocols aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19, past was capable to get capable antagonistic tests backmost successful clip to instrumentality to the squad for its opener astatine New England this past weekend.

“I deliberation that the vaccine decidedly helped,” Jackson said.

Jackson was listed arsenic the Dolphins’ starting near tackle connected the team’s extent illustration earlier his stint connected the COVID list. Dolphins manager Brian Flores said helium volition beryllium backmost successful that spot this week erstwhile Miami plays astatine location against Buffalo.

“That’s good. It feels good,” Jackson said. “Throughout grooming campy and each the enactment we’ve enactment successful and each the enactment I’ve enactment in, it’s bully to hear.”

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Jackson did not privation to divulge specifics astir what the process of completing protocols was like.

“I’ve had household members beryllium heavy affected by COVID,” Jackson said. “Everybody’s different. I deliberation radical person the close to clasp their ain opinions connected the vaccine. If you don’t privation to get it, that’s fine. But for me, I cognize it helped me.”

The NFL has said much than 93 percent of players are vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Dolphins had 2 players connected the COVID reserve database past week; Jackson was capable to get into the crippled against New England for 3 plays, portion choky extremity Adam Shaheen missed the crippled and spent much than a week distant from the team.

Shaheen, who was removed from the COVID database Wednesday, is unvaccinated.

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