Doctors Trying To Unravel Mystery Behind COVID-19 Brain Fog, Neurological Issues

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Health experts are informing radical astir the broadside effects COVID-19 tin cause. According to caller data, arsenic galore arsenic 30 percent of patients endure from semipermanent neurological oregon psychiatric symptoms.

When Claudia Perez contracted COVID astatine a household gathering, she experienced astir of the symptoms, we’ve each heard about, assemblage aches, coughing, congestion, chills, and a fever. However, erstwhile she returned to enactment a fewer weeks later, it was her caput that became the problem.

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“Third week I went backmost to work, and I recovered I couldn’t work emails, couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t comprehend thing I was reading,” Perez explained.

Claudia’s COVID-induced disorder is thing aesculapian and technological researchers accidental is becoming progressively much common.

While information varies widely, the astir caller statistic from the National Institutes of Health uncover that arsenic galore arsenic 30-percent of each COVID-19 patients endure from immoderate benignant of neurological oregon psychiatric symptoms.

“They ne'er truly returned to mean life, and we noticed patients could not relation usually arsenic they were,” explained Dr. Syeda Hussain, a Memorial Healthcare System physician.

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The Memorial Healthcare System is the archetypal to acceptable up a COVID long-haul session successful southbound Florida.

“In immoderate cases, mild symptoms similar headaches And successful immoderate cases, shortness of breath, fatigue, encephalon fog, anxiety, depression,” said Dr. Hussain.

“I ne'er had issues with anxiety. Now I do. I ne'er had contented with my memory. I’m lone 40 and abruptly I was losing my memory,” said Perez.

A ma of five, Perez admits astatine 1 constituent she couldn’t find her car successful a promenade parking batch and erstwhile she yet did, she didn’t retrieve her mode home.

It’s a peculiarly perplexing contented due to the fact that aesculapian professionals admit they don’t truly cognize wherefore this encephalon fog and different neurological issues are happening.

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“There’s nary humor trial of imaging that tin explicate the symptoms,” said Dr. Hussain. Team

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