Doctors, Expecting Broward Mother Stress Importance Of Pregnant Women Getting The COVID Vaccine

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – An expecting parent is urging different women who are pregnant, oregon reasoning astir becoming pregnant, to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

It’s a interest arsenic cases rise.

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Nationwide, wellness experts person seen a melodramatic summation successful the fig of large women with COVID-19 successful the past respective weeks. The highly transmissible Delta variant and the debased vaccination complaint for women who are large person led to it.

“I’m 37 weeks large now, I’ve done each the testing, I’ve done aggregate ultrasounds, the babe is good, he’s great. So I would urge that large moms get the vaccine, it’s not gonna impact you oregon your baby. You should get it, you should get protected,” said Lucea Pizano-Urbina.

She said that could prevention a life.

“You privation to beryllium determination for your baby. If you person COVID and you spell into the infirmary and person your babe you won’t beryllium capable to spot your baby, adjacent instantly aft having him, truthful we should get the vaccine,” said Pizano-Urbina.

She said she was acrophobic earlier getting vaccinated.

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“I conscionable wanted to beryllium protected from the microorganism really. I was worried, obviously, but I talked to my doc and helium told maine perfectly you should get a 2nd shot,” she said.

Health experts astatine the U.S. Centers for Disease Control impulse each maternity patients to get vaccinated to assistance forestall miscarriages, preterm deliveries, and different important problems. Doctors accidental the vaccine is harmless and effectual and they are discouraged by the latest figures.

“We cognize that for a fig of reasons large women person not taken the vaccine. In fact, erstwhile you look crossed the data, lone astir 1 successful 4 large women person been vaccinated for COVID-19,” said Broward Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joshua Lenchus.

“I mean, I’ve ne'er seen thing similar this before. Now we’re dealing with young radical and particularly large young women, and that is devastating. We person seen many, unfortunately, galore large women truthful acold successful our captious attraction portion and we’ve been dealing with it. Some of them are unluckily not fortunate capable to permission the hospital. The worst portion is, they deteriorate close aft they person the babe and are not capable to clasp that babe and not capable to spot that babe for days and weeks. It’s truly unfortunate and this is preventable,” said Broward Health’s ICU Medical Director Dr. Sunil Kumar.

Doctors accidental the vaccines bash not origin much miscarriages and infertility.

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Pizano-Urbina, who is simply a Broward Health worker and expecting her 2nd child, hopes that others volition perceive to her connection and get vaccinated.

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