Displaced Crestview Towers’ Residents Frustrated They’re Not Being Allowed To Go Back Home

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Many of Crestview Towers‘ homeowners came unneurotic Thursday to dependable concerns astir the deficiency of assistance and accusation being provided to them by the metropolis and by their chap owners, who marque up the committee of directors.

“They’re moving similar turtles,” said nonmigratory Maria Echevarria.

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Echevarria is talking astir the process for her and the 300 homeowners to instrumentality location aft being forced retired backmost successful July erstwhile the gathering was deemed unsafe.

“They don’t attraction wherever we’re living. The committee of directors, they person their ain houses. They unrecorded determination else. They slumber good, they devour good, but we person to find determination other to live. We are renting rooms, sleeping connected the floor. There are older radical that got sick from COVID astatine the shelters,” adds Echevarria.

Some Crestview Towers owners, similar Echevarria, accidental they person been surviving astatine stateless shelters.

“I went to the structure and past aft that, I couldn’t instrumentality it. I’m sorry, truthful I had to abstracted my kids. My kids are sleeping with friends,” she adds.

“We’ve been near without immoderate answers astir letting america cognize erstwhile we tin instrumentality home. We person been coming present periodically to cheque the building, to talk to radical from the gathering and that would beryllium the committee of directors and we’re conscionable not getting immoderate answers,” said nonmigratory Carmen Bethel.

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CBS4 reached to the committee for an update. They directed america to their attorney, Katzman Chandler, who sent a connection which reads successful part:

“We were advised by the City of North Miami Beach that they required an exertion for permits for each work. We are pleased to counsel that O&S volition beryllium filing the indispensable permits with the City of North Miami Beach tomorrow, September 10, 2021.”

“Following support of the permits, enactment volition commence promptly…
O and S is the architectural steadfast moving connected the building.”

The connection went connected to say, “We afloat expect that the enactment indispensable to safely reopen the gathering volition beryllium completed by the extremity of September 2021.”

As for residents similar Bethel, they inactive person to wage an appraisal and attraction interest that adds up to $900 a month, positive their mortgage. This has made it hard for galore of them to find impermanent housing.

“Being displaced for 2 months has been the worst concern of my life. Losing my dada successful March was difficult, but this has been awful. Especially erstwhile you person a family,” said Bethel.

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