Disgusting habit that left Wallabies speechless

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Clyde Rathbone, who scored a hat-trick of tries, celebrates with fans in Brisbane.

"God it was good to play in front of a packed crowd," Paul recalled.

Harrison: "Suncorp always seemed to be that bit more intense, didn't it?"

Paul: "Yeah, because they were right on top of you."

Harrison: "You know what they also were before kickoff? Three minutes before that they were on Caxton Street drinking Bundy rum."

Paul: "How good was it going past Caxton Street? Remember when we used to come through on the bus?"

Harrison: "Full of rum, singing, gold shirts."

Paul: "I was like 'I will see you here in four hours. Save me a seat!' I might have been there on the Wednesday beforehand. Oh, it was so bad. Still amateur back in those days."

Harrison: "You were. We were all pretty serious."

Paul: "When you had no skill you had to be serious, I suppose."

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