David Boreanaz On ‘SEAL Team’ Becoming A Paramount+ Original: ‘Get To Invest In Some Deeper Subject Matters, You Really Get The Plus Aspect Of It’

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(CBS) – Season 5 of SEAL Team is underway and the tactical subject play is besides present a Paramount+ original. In occurrence 1 of play five, “Trust But Verify: Part 1,” Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and Bravo Team underwent a grooming workout that turns into a full-blown ngo to smuggle a weapons adept retired of hostile territory.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Boreanaz astir Jason Hayes intelligence state, moving to Paramount+ and what’s successful store for viewers with “Trust But Verify: Part 2” coming up connected Sunday night.

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MW- Good to spot you again David! SEAL Team play five, occurrence 2 comes retired this Sunday but earlier we get into that I privation to speech astir the large power to becoming a Paramount+ original. How overmuch does this displacement alteration the mode you’re capable to make the show?

DB- You cognize it’s absorbing due to the fact that the amusement to statesman with is truthful intense, what we bash connected the web and however we propulsion the envelope and the level of authenticity for it to statesman with. Now with moving implicit to Paramount+ you truly get the positive facet of it. You get to spot a small spot more, you get to put successful immoderate deeper taxable matters with the characters.

That’s conscionable the mode it is today, streaming is the satellite and we are blessed and arrogant to beryllium portion of that platform. Each SEAL Team occurrence is simply a thrill thrust I accidental to speak. You get the velocity and ratio of missions and operations and you spot the ins and outs of of however these guys run with weapons and tactical maneuvers and breaching doors.

All that worldly is large but you besides get the different fractional which is the intelligence component. You person each these compelling characters and however they woody with what’s going connected wrong the ligament AND extracurricular the wire. I’ve ever recovered that that is truly the pulse of the show. For my character, Jason Hayes, you spot this person who takes SEAL Team into conflict but he’s besides got to recognize them extracurricular the wire. That truly resonates with maine and truthful we’ll spot that intensify much connected Paramount+.

MW- The amusement does specified a large occupation of addressing the intelligence wellness challenges that these men and women face. That, of course, includes Jason Hayes. It seemed similar astatine the extremity of play 4 helium was turning a country for the amended but these things don’t conscionable wholly flip implicit night. Where is Jason astatine close present with those issues?

DB- Well, we’ll spot astatine the extremity of occurrence two, a infinitesimal wherever the TBI starts to creep backmost into his world. It’s a elemental benignant of trial that helium gives himself and it doesn’t enactment retired excessively good for him. That starts a spiral for him. With the radical successful these situations it’s astir similar they don’t privation to code what’s going on. They privation to proceed to run astatine afloat capableness and nonaccomplishment is not an option; adjacent if they’re not operating a 100%.

That’s a large conflict for Jason and that’s hard for him; that’s his life. It’s what he’s known to bash and we’ll spot that unfold. At the extremity of occurrence 2 we person a bittersweet infinitesimal which leads america into 3 which is the 9/11 episode.

That intelligence wellness taxable volition proceed with each the members passim the play and successful peculiar with Jason we volition spot him conscionable his father, he’ll find the basal of his trauma and successful occurrence 12 helium takes a large ayahuasca journey, which I’m truly excited to do. When radical deliberation of ayahuasca they happening it’s conscionable to cause retired but it’s utilized contiguous to assistance intelligence capableness and intelligence health.

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Organic Mushrooms, oregon immoderate you whitethorn say, is present really helping to conflict slump and combat these intelligence distress problems. These men and women are suffering and we’ll dive into that and that’s breathtaking for maine to play this quality and to bash those types of things. The travel is going to pb him down to a way of uncovering the basal of his trauma, trying to recognize it and go a amended person, a amended person overall.

MW- Episode 1 of play 5 was called “Trust Buy Verify: Part 1” and present occurrence 2 “Trust But Verify: Part 2.” That operation truly stuck retired to me, is that going to beryllium a taxable for the full season?

DB- Yeah, we ever footwear things disconnected that mode with the archetypal occurrence mounting the code and I deliberation that’s a truly large thematic took. I deliberation it helps the spectator saying this is what you person successful store for the season.

MW- So what’s successful store for portion 2 connected Sunday night?

DB- So this ngo successful North Korea is decidedly antithetic It’s not a capture/kill it’s a capture/save cognition for Bravo team. What’s unsocial astir that is the strength is truthful precocious that we’re not going to beryllium capable to occurrence a azygous weapon. We’re not going to beryllium going successful determination weapons blazing, we person to get successful and retired arsenic accelerated arsenic we can.

Going backmost to the quality development, we’ll besides spot however TBI is going to play a precise large relation successful this occurrence and onward for the remainder of the season.

MW- Well I emotion the amusement truthful I’m excited to spot however everything unfolds. Thank you for the clip contiguous and each the champion David!

DB- Thanks Matt, instrumentality care!

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SEAL Team airs this Sunday, October 17th astatine 10:30PM ET/PT connected CBS and is besides disposable to watercourse with Paramount+. Check your section listings for much information.

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