Crime Experts: Notebook Found Near Brian Laundrie’s Remains May Answer Questions In Fiancée Gabby Petito’s Death

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MIAMI (CBSMiami/CNN) – Many questions stay unanswered pursuing the decease of Brian Laundrie.

The FBI confirmed Thursday that the remains recovered successful Carlton Reserve successful North Port belonged to Laundrie who vanished past period aft his fiancée Gabby Petito was reported missing.

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The mates had been connected a cross-country roadworthy trip. She was recovered strangled to decease successful a Wyoming nationalist parkland connected September 19.

Law enforcement besides recovered immoderate of Laundrie’s idiosyncratic items successful the reserve, including a backpack, a notebook, a adust bag, and immoderate clothing.

Crime experts accidental the notebook whitethorn shed immoderate airy connected the circumstances of his disappearance and the convulsive decease of Petito.

Laundrie was not charged successful Petito’s death, though the FBI connected Wednesday had described him arsenic a “person of interest” successful her murder.

Experts told CNN that the notebook believed to beryllium Laundrie’s could connection immoderate penetration into a communicative that has grabbed nationalist attention.

“If that notebook contained, for example, accusation that could person been admissions, it could beryllium projecting blasted oregon rationalization, each that accusation could assistance successful the determination,” erstwhile FBI profiler Jim Clemente said Thursday.

A root with cognition of the probe told CNN that the notebook was intelligibly bedewed erstwhile it was recovered extracurricular of a adust container that authorities located Wednesday during their search. But it is “possibly salvageable,” the root said.

“They are going to usage immoderate imaginable means to adust that retired earlier opening it,” the root said. “They’ll beryllium precise cautious with it.”

Mark O’Mara, a transgression defence lawyer and erstwhile prosecutor, said the FBI volition person “some luck” retaining immoderate of the notebook owed to the advancements of forensic technology.

“So I deliberation there’s going to beryllium large accusation to travel from that. Because adjacent if determination is bleeding amongst the ink and the pages, they person done a large occupation with adjacent overmuch older items that they find,” O’Mara explained.

Laundrie’s household doesn’t cognize what’s successful the notebook, Steven Bertolino, according to an lawyer for the family. Laundrie’s begetter picked up the container that was recovered and instantly turned it implicit to instrumentality enforcement, helium said, adding helium didn’t cognize if the notebook was successful the container oregon successful the backpack that instrumentality enforcement found.

Authorities person been searching for Laundrie, 23, for much than a month. He near his parents’ location the week aft Petito’s parents raised the alarm astir her disappearance. They had been traveling crossed the US during the summer.

Asked whether Laundrie told his parents thing astir Petito earlier helium disappeared, Bertolino said that was “Not thing I tin remark connected close now.”

Determining origin of decease tin beryllium tricky
But determining Laundrie’s origin of decease could beryllium challenging arsenic authorities recovered lone his skeletal remains and identified him done dental records, the FBI said.

Clemente, the erstwhile FBI profiler, told CNN that it’s a anticipation Laundrie could person been dormant for the full period authorities person been searching for him.

“It’s going to beryllium overmuch much hard to marque a good, coagulated determination arsenic to the origin and mode of decease unless there’s immoderate benignant of major, superior trauma to the skull that tin beryllium identified,” Clemente explained.

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“There mightiness not beryllium a mode to find however helium died. If helium drowned, for example, determination wouldn’t beryllium immoderate grounds of that connected his skeleton.”

Shortly earlier the FBI went nationalist with identifying the remains, 2 section detectives visited the North Port location of Laundrie’s parents.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie person been informed that the remains recovered yesterday successful the reserve are so Brian’s,” Bertolino said Thursday. “We person nary further remark astatine this time, and we inquire that you respect the Laundrie’s privateness astatine this time.”

The parents joined the hunt Wednesday greeting and recovered a container belonging to their lad astatine the park, which their household lawyer described arsenic “happenstance.”

“They benignant of knew his favourite spots. They had told instrumentality enforcement from the opening wherever Brian would astir apt be, successful the areas of the park,” Bertolino told “Good Morning America.”

The country was flooded erstwhile they looked earlier, helium said.

Asked whether his parents deliberation helium committed suicide, Bertolino said helium had discussed that anticipation with them “several times.”

“We conscionable bash not know,” helium said. “Of couse, knowing his intelligence authorities erstwhile helium walked retired the door, it was ever a concern.”

“Brian had been highly upset,” Bertolino said erstwhile asked wherefore his parents thought helium was grieving.

“They privation they could person stopped him, they privation they could have, you know, prevented him from going out, but helium was intent connected leaving,” Bertolino said.

The hunt has been “treacherous”
The exhaustive hunt for Laundrie stretched implicit a period aft his parents told constabulary they believed he’d gone to the reserve.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said instrumentality enforcement had been searching successful “treacherous conditions,” including astir chest-high h2o afloat of snakes and alligators.

“These are very, precise hard conditions. You’re searching successful areas that you conscionable can’t locomotion up and look. It’s not similar you’re searching a location oregon a car,” helium said. “These areas are immense and they’re covered by water.”

Laundrie’s remains were recovered “about 2 to 3 miles wrong the Carlton Reserve, oregon astir a 45-minute walk” from the entranceway astatine Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, North Port constabulary spokesperson Josh Taylor said.

The Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is connected 160 acres of heavy wooded onshore successful North Port, with trails and a camping area. The parkland connects to the Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre quality reserve that has been the superior hunt determination for investigators.

Searchers had antecedently utilized swamp buggies, divers and airboats to scour the swampy terrain, but the country has dried retired precocious owed to clearer weather.

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