COVID Booster Shot Confusion Ahead Of FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There’s booster disorder up of an FDA advisory committee gathering Friday to sermon 3rd shots of COVID-19 vaccines.

Here’s wherever it gets tricky.

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The White House is targeting adjacent week to commencement the 3rd Pfizer changeable rollout.

“You’ll beryllium capable to get the booster shots astatine immoderate 1 of astir 80,000 vaccination locations nationwide. It volition beryllium easy,” said President Joe Biden past month.

But that determination is pending authorization from the FDA and CDC.

There’s nary denotation from the FDA yet which mode they are leaning, and up of that determination their Director for Biologics Research and Evalation said, successful part, “The medication precocious announced a program to hole for further COVID-19 vaccine doses, oregon ‘boosters,’ this fall, and a cardinal portion of that program is FDA completing an autarkic valuation and determination of the information and effectiveness of these further vaccine doses.”

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“I tin recognize the wide colonisation erstwhile they are confused – they perceive truthful galore things and you don’t’ make spot similar that – and that’s a problem,” said Dr. Marcos Mestre, Chief Medical Officer astatine Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. “In my sentiment is that with what the FDA is waiting for is information that really makes consciousness to springiness the booster to those who aren’t arsenic higher hazard – steadfast 25- oregon 30-year-old, it mightiness not marque sense.”

You’ve apt heard already those who are immunocompromised tin already get a 3rd shot.

CBS4 News asked Dr. Mestre what could halt a steadfast idiosyncratic from conscionable getting a 3rd dose now?

“If they’re going into the database and into Florida shots which is the authorities database for immunizations, they tin look it up truthful technically they would beryllium capable to look it up,” said Dr. Mestre. “Now whether you’re immune immunocompromised oregon not – that’s a full different story.”

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The committee is expected to commencement those booster discussions astir 2:30 p.m. Friday.

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