Children Under Six Accounted For 70% Of Furniture Or TV Tip-Over Injuries

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A survey from Nationwide Children’s Hospital recovered that from 1990 to 2019, 560,203 children were treated successful exigency departments for furnishings oregon tv tip-over injuries. In 2019 unsocial that fig was 11,521, oregon 1 kid each 46 minutes.

“There’s perfectly nary crushed wherefore a kid should beryllium injured, and surely nary crushed wherefore a kid should person a lifelong disability, oregon worse, to die, from furnishings oregon TV tip-over. It is perfectly preventable,” says Dr. Gary Smith from the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute astatine Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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Children nether six accounted for 70% of those injuries, with a highest astatine property 2.

“He was conscionable blessed and outgoing,” said Sarasota ma Meghan Delong of her lad Connor.

She mislaid Conner successful 2017 erstwhile a dresser successful his nursery fell connected apical of him.

“That was the clip that it took for the dresser to termination Conner, was the clip it took maine to locomotion from my chamber down the hall,” she said.

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Delong and advocates similar her are pushing legislature for afloat transition of the STURDY Act. It would make mandatory stableness standards.

According to Delong, “The dresser that killed Connor, it meets the existent voluntary standard. That modular is not bully enough.”

The STURDY Act passed successful the U.S. House of representatives successful June.

Study authors constituent retired the existent fig of children injured successful these types of accidents is apt higher, since the survey did not see attraction received astatine urgent attraction oregon backstage doctors’ offices.

There are information steps you tin instrumentality close now. Experts urge parents unafraid furnishings similar dressers to the partition with straps oregon L-brackets. Mount TVs to the partition and spot them lone connected due furnishings and anchor some to the wall. Keep TVs and furnishings wide of things kids mightiness privation to get their hands on.

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Delong has recovered healing successful moving for change. “I can’t ever bring Conner back, but I tin prevention your child,” she says. She’s sharing Conner’s communicative to assistance forestall much similar it. Team

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