CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: St. Thomas Aquinas TE Mason Taylor

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — In South Florida, shot means household and that rings existent for Mason Taylor. The starting choky extremity astatine St. Thomas Aquinas besides happens to the lad of Miami Dolphins fable and Hall of Famer Jason Taylor.

The younger Taylor plans to marque a sanction for himself 1 day, and decidedly looks up to his begetter who is besides his coach.

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“It’s a bully thing. He has a batch of experience. He teaches maine a lot. helium teaches maine a batch astir the game, people, fans, everything, societal media,” explained Mason to CBS4’s Mike Cugno.

When Cugno asked however helium ended up arsenic a choky extremity and not a antiaircraft end, helium replied, “I played antiaircraft extremity each passim small league, but radical kept yapping successful my receptor and conscionable kept telling maine choky end, I’m going to grow, I’m going to beryllium each this, truthful I tried it retired and I ended up loving it.”

The happening astir choky ends is erstwhile they aren’t catching touchdowns, they person to artifact those antiaircraft ends. So, it does marque for absorbing moments astatine location with his father, a erstwhile antiaircraft extremity for the Dolphins. There is simply a small spot artifact each erstwhile successful a while.

“Yea, I bushed him up a small bit. Some choky ends don’t similar blocking, but I truly emotion it,” said Mason.

Something other Mason loves is winning. And going to a schoolhouse similar St. Thomas, determination are standards to uphold. Resting connected pedigree isn’t an option.

“After the play I’ll travel retired for way signifier to get faster, value room, usage each the activities I tin bash to marque maine a amended player,” helium said.

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Mason Taylor, Nat Moore Trophy nominee talks to CBS4’s Mike Cugno. (CBS4)

To Mason, becoming a amended subordinate besides means becoming a amended teammate. It’s ever the squad archetypal erstwhile talking astir his goals.

“The goals for this year, archetypal of all, is triumph a authorities title due to the fact that that’s the contented here. Put numbers connected the committee and conscionable assistance my squad win.”

It’s important for Taylor to support the schoolhouse contented going and triumph different authorities championship. “Anything nether that is not a bully year,” helium said.

Mason has already committed to play astatine LSU adjacent season.

If you’d similar to nominate a precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate for the CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy, click here.

The CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy recognizes the apical precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate successful Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties.

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