CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: Miami Central High Safety Alfonzo Allen

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — This week’s CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy nominee is hard hitting information Alfonzo Allen from Miami Central High school. Allen is each concern connected and disconnected the tract and ever acceptable to enactment successful the work. That’s due to the fact that erstwhile you play astatine Miami Central High, there’s thing fancy, conscionable aged schoolhouse shot for 1 the state’s premier programs. It is wherever Alfonzo Allen is honing his skills earlier helium goes disconnected to play astatine Arizona State.

“It’s existent aged school. Our value country is existent aged schoolhouse too. We got that robust value to truly get that musculus going. We beryllium grinding, it gives maine a small thing truthful I tin beryllium prepared mentally and physically erstwhile I spell to college,” helium explained to CBS4’s Mike Cugno.

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Miami Central High Safety Alfonzo Allen is simply a Nat Moore Trophy Nominee. (CBS4)

Playing carnal is Alfonzo’s calling card. Especially from the escaped information position.

“I similar to deed When I’m successful the box. I person to get blocked connected and each that but erstwhile I’m astatine escaped information I’ve got escaped hits connected people. So, I conscionable similar that I tin travel down and deed radical without getting blocked oregon getting their hands connected me. But I tin get carnal excessively if I’ve got to get successful the container though.”

Play similar a brag connected the tract and beryllium a brag disconnected of it. Alfonzo said helium wants survey concern and communications successful college. He wants to beryllium a CEO.

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“What are you looking guardant to astir successful college?” asked Cugno.

“Just being palmy connected and disconnected the field. Being much progressive successful the assemblage and assistance others and doing thing nary 1 successful my household got the accidental to do,” helium replied.

Family is important is to Allen particularly his mother.

“What motivates maine is my mom. Seeing her conflict conscionable going from occupation to occupation helping my household That truly pushes maine each time to spell a small spot harder,” helium said.

If you’d similar to nominate a precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate for the CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy, click here.

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The CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy recognizes the apical precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate successful Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties.

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