CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: Miami Central Cornerback Jaylin Marshall

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — South Florida ever has immoderate of the astir talented precocious schoolhouse shot players successful the state and that includes this week’s CBS4 Nat Moore trophy nominee Jaylin Marshall from Miami Central High.

“My superior presumption volition beryllium cornerback. I’ll beryllium moving astir from cornerback to safety,” Marshall told CBS4’s Mike Cugno.

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Miami Central’s Jaylin Marshall whitethorn beryllium listed arsenic a corner, but successful precocious schoolhouse he’s done it all. From playing antiaircraft backmost to linebacker to coming disconnected the borderline arsenic a rusher. Head manager Roland Smith and the Rockets person allowed him to conscionable spell retired and play ball.

“This is the archetypal spot that truly taught maine that I person the quality to play everywhere. With this squad that I play for each day, everybody goes hard, competing with each other. It’s inactive a brotherhood, but mundane it’s inactive a competition,” said Marshall.

There’s a precise aged schoolhouse consciousness to signifier astatine Miami Central which is helping him get acceptable for Saturdays and beyond.

Miami Central High’s Jaylin Marshall (CBS4)

Marshall committed to play astatine Georgia Tech precocious and go a Yellow Jacket.

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“What caught my involvement was the complaint of millionaires that travel retired of the school. When I went it was a large feeling and I felt it genuine. I got household members that unrecorded successful Atlanta truthful if I request assistance with thing I person resources. They tin travel and assistance maine out,” helium said.

Marshall says household is what motivates him to beryllium large retired here. And they’re portion of his inspiration for goals extracurricular of shot arsenic well.

“I privation to beryllium a nutritionist. I privation to larn astir fruits and vegetables. I privation to larn astir the assemblage due to the fact that I’m large connected wellness and conscionable surviving long. I consciousness similar I’ll beryllium capable to assistance a batch of radical including my family. The aged radical successful my household truthful that’s wherefore I truly privation to bash it.”

If you’d similar to nominate a precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate for the CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy, click here.

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The CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy recognizes the apical precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate successful Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.

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