Caught On Video: Motorcyclist Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver, Then Robbed While Unconscious

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(Originally published Aug. 18)August 19, 2021 astatine 4:15 pm

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities motorcyclist progressive successful a hit-and-run needs assistance to find the different driver. The clang was captured connected Evan Wise’s helmet camera. It happened astatine astir 2 a.m. Sunday adjacent Lyndale Avenue South and 31st Street successful Minneapolis.

“I astir unrecorded and respire riding,” Wise says. He’s an avid motorcyclist who’s been riding for 10 years. Safety is simply a apical precedence for him, and helium ever rides with a helmet, protective overgarment and often his gloves.

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“My motorcycle has a ridiculous magnitude of reflective portion each implicit it,” helium adds.

The cogwheel was adjuvant aboriginal Sunday morning, but the reflective portion mightiness not person been noticed by 1 driver.

Evan Wise (credit: CBS)

“I was blacked retired aft I deed the car,” Wise recalls.

He was heading location southbound connected Lyndale Avenue, passing done the fashionable Lyn-Lake barroom district. His helmet camera was signaling arsenic usual. Shortly aft crossing Lake Street, a car parked on the curb connected the close broadside pulls retired successful beforehand of him successful an evident effort to marque a U-turn to caput northbound connected Lyndale. Wise deed his brakes, but it was excessively late. He deed the driver-side doorway and flipped implicit the car. His helmet camera flew off, but amazingly landed facing some Wise and the car. It kept connected recording, showing the operator velocity off.

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“When idiosyncratic is that negligent similar successful this situation, there’s not overmuch you tin do,” helium says.

In the video, you tin spot and perceive a assemblage of radical unreserved to his aid. Many were yelling that Wise shouldn’t beryllium touched. Others tin beryllium heard calling for the police.

(credit: Evan Wise)

Unfortunately, Wise aboriginal learned 1 of the radical that surrounded him stole wealth from his wallet. “I couldn’t archer precisely who whitethorn person swiped the money. I mean, you know, pick-pocketers are truly bully astatine what they do,” helium says.

Wise suffered a tiny fracture successful his limb and a concussion. Besides his life, he’s thankful for his camera that caught everything. “In my mind, I had caused an accident, I was astatine fault, I was being irresponsible. And upon seeing the clang [on video], I knew that wasn’t the case,” helium explains.

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Wise said he’s made respective attempts to record a constabulary report, but the process is taking longer than expected. In his video, the car progressive appears to beryllium a bluish sedan with ample chrome rims.

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