Broward Superintendent, School Board Remain Firm On Mask Mandate, Despite Penalty From Education Department

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Members of Broward’s School Board met Tuesday wherever they discussed Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran sanctions that are being imposed owed to the district’s look covering policy.

On Monday, the Florida Department of Education followed done connected its threat to withhold monthly schoolhouse committee subordinate salaries who interruption Gov. Ron DeSantis’ prohibition connected disguise mandates, adjacent though a justice has already ruled the prohibition connected mandates is unconstitutional.

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School committee members person said that they are consenting to forfeit their $40,000 positive salaries successful an effort to support students and teachers safe.

“We proceed to person ineligible advisement that we are successful compliance to the rules arsenic good arsenic to the bid that was enactment retired there,” Broward Schools interim Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright told the committee members.

DeSantis’ enforcement bid states that it should beryllium up to parents if their children deterioration masks successful schools.

Broward school’s argumentation does let an opt-out option, but lone for aesculapian reasons oregon students with peculiar needs. Cartwright said they are besides complying with the acquisition department’s directive that they study the fig of students who look consequences for not wearing a mask.

“The wellness and the information of our students, teachers, and unit continues to beryllium our highest priority. As such, we volition proceed to mandate the mask, knowing that our information arsenic we’re looking astatine it oregon quarantine information is demonstrating that the usage of the disguise is helping to minimize the dispersed of COVID-19,” said Cartwright.

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Corcoran’s punishment comes aft Friday’s ruling by Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper that the prohibition connected the mandates is unconstitutional and cannot beryllium enforced.

Broward schools interim lawyer Marylin Batista said they judge they are pursuing the state’s Constitution.

“The connection of the schoolhouse committee shall operate, control, and supervise each escaped nationalist schools was held by Judge Cooper to beryllium paramount and to override, successful this case, the actions of the enforcement bid from the governor,” she said.

Corcoran said further sanctions and enforcement enactment whitethorn beryllium imposed if the schoolhouse committee does not assistance the disguise mandate.

DeSantis has vowed to entreaty the judge’s ruling, which could hap this week.

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The schoolhouse committee remains steadfast successful their content they volition triumph this conflict yet successful court.

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