Broward Protest Planned Over School Mask Mandate

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The Broward schoolhouse district’s disguise mandate is taking halfway signifier astatine Fort Lauderdale High School wherever a protestation is scheduled to instrumentality spot connected Wednesday.

In Tallahassee connected Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis doubled down connected nary disguise mandate stance successful a ineligible duel with parents against him and authorities education. On time 2 of a 3 time hearing, DeSantis took the basal to support his position.

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“Going forward, we judge that parents tin marque decisions astir their child’s wellness and safety,” helium said.

The politician made it wide that helium was acrophobic astir the students’ futures if forced to deterioration masks now.

“There is zero contention astir the data, but it was astir arsenic if that information didn’t exist. And past this thought that we person to enactment integrative dividers and immoderate of the nonsense that you’ve seen. I conscionable deliberation it’s going to person semipermanent implications,” helium said.

Since the 3 time proceeding began Monday different schoolhouse territory is present ignoring the governor’s directive. Orange County is present the 9th schoolhouse territory to instrumentality a mandatory disguise mandate contempt threats from the state’s schoolhouse committee that it volition withhold backing from schoolhouse districts that defy the governor’s enforcement order.

Attorney Charles Dodson, who is representing the parents’ group, erstwhile again argued the Florida Constitution prohibits the politician from legally banning schoolhouse masks citing 2 provisions; 1 makes a harmless and unafraid schoolhouse a paramount work of the authorities and the different provides the section boards shall run and supervise the schools.

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On the 2nd time of the Tallahassee tussle, a tiny radical of radical gathered to protest Broward’s disguise mandate.

It came connected the time the school committee responded to the state’s request connected Friday that it driblet the mandate and let parents to opt-out.

“We’re acrophobic astir present successful Broward is our students, our staff, our community,” said Broward School Board Chair Dr. Rosalind Osgood.

Osgood said the territory is successful compliance.

In its response, the committee “requests that the State Board rescind the Order,” saying the powerfulness to marque the rules is with the “…duly locally elected territory schoolhouse committee and not the appointed State Board of Education oregon its appointed Commissioner of Education.”

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Osgood said the schoolhouse committee believes DeSantis is “overreaching his authority.”

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