Brittany Adebumola And Joseph David-Jones Say ‘The 4400’ Is ‘A Beautiful Companion To The Original’

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(CBS) – The CW welcomes The 4400 to its Monday nighttime lineup starting October 25th astatine 9/8c. The 4400 stars Brittany Adebumola (as Shanice Murray) and Joseph David-Jones (as Jharrel Mateo) successful a reboot of the 2004 bid by the aforesaid name. In an instant, 4,400 missing radical mysteriously instrumentality nary thought wherever they were oregon however they haven’t aged a time since their disappearance.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Adebumola and David-Jones astir their characters, the amusement arsenic a full and a bully ‘ol fashioned heist.

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MW- Britany, Joseph, bully to spot you both! The 4400 comes to The CW this Monday, October 25th and archetypal of each however excited are you some to beryllium a portion of this amusement and to beryllium truthful adjacent to the large premiere finally?

BA- I mean, it’s a blessing. There’s truthful galore antithetic and chiseled characters successful the amusement I conscionable consciousness truly blessed to beryllium to beryllium a portion of it. Now to beryllium capable to ticker it with everybody other volition beryllium truthful large due to the fact that we get these scripts and we work it of people but you’re laser focused connected your ain scenes truthful I’m going to beryllium watching it on with the remainder of the satellite with caller eyes.

JDJ- I privation to spot everybody else’s scenes, I’m ace excited. I watched this amusement with my household arsenic a kid truthful erstwhile they recovered retired that I got this they were each arrogant and that made maine proud. I’ve been brainsick pumped astir it and I consciousness ace duper fortunate to beryllium a portion of it.

MW- What were immoderate of your favourite things astir the amusement watching it with your family, Joseph?

JDJ- It’s comic due to the fact that we emotion the sci-fi elements but I’m an utmost comic publication nerd and I emotion the powerfulness facet of this show. They inactive person that successful this caller bid and we conscionable instrumentality it to similar different level  with a grounded furniture of property and quality to it. It’s a beauteous companion to the original. We bash it justness a portion fleshing retired our ain world.

MW- It’s a spot of a treble edged sword erstwhile you’re reimagining a bid similar this due to the fact that connected 1 manus you person root worldly to spell disconnected of but you person to marque it archetypal arsenic well. How has the amusement gone astir balancing those 2 sides?

JDJ- It’s comic we were conscionable watching a video wherever idiosyncratic was trying to interruption down our bid arsenic it related to the erstwhile series. There are immoderate alien elements wrong our bid that are akin to the erstwhile 1 but the main happening that we bash justness to is the the sci-fi conception that they created. I consciousness similar we’ve made this amusement our ain though truthful I haven’t truly felt that overmuch of a propulsion from the erstwhile series.

MW- I’d emotion to perceive much astir your characters, Brittany who is Shanice Murray?

BA- So I play Shanice, she is simply a 26-year-old lawyer from Detroit. She is highly driven, she’s not acrophobic to instrumentality up space. She is precise unfastened astir warring for what she believes is close and warring for her community. She’s a vocation pistillate and we spot her benignant of balancing being a vocation pistillate portion besides nurturing this caller beingness that she has.

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First, she has a four-month-old girl and motherhood doesn’t truly travel that casual to her. The sacrifice that is required is thing that we spot her grapple with successful the pilot. Of people she vanishes and reappears 16 years aboriginal and past her girl is 16-years-old and her hubby is remarried; it’s a mess. She is trying to benignant done the messiness and conscionable reconnect with her household portion besides advocating for the 4,400 utilizing her ineligible wits.

MW- And Joseph who is Jharrel?

JDJ- He is simply a societal idiosyncratic from our clip who is tasked with trying to uncover what has happened to these 4,400 radical portion besides trying to assistance them reintegrate into society. There’s a precise quality transportation to the 4,400 that helium has due to the fact that his member has gone missing.

It unraveled his beingness erstwhile helium went missing and determination were elements that are akin to what happened successful the 4,400 to what happened to him. I conjecture that gives him a beardown thrust to fig retired what is going connected with these radical and however helium tin help.

MW- We’ll get retired accidental to conscionable some Shanice and Jharrel Monday nighttime arsenic an audience. What bash you privation the fans to cognize up of Monday?

JDJ– I deliberation they should ticker due to the fact that this amusement has thing for everybody. It has cosmopolitan quality drama, it has an astonishing sci-fi concept, it has emotion triangles, it has comedy. We adjacent person a heist!

BA- I was going to accidental there’s a heist [laughs]. There truly is thing for everybody that I consciousness similar radical are truly going to link to it. I deliberation radical volition link to these characters successful the show. We’ve enactment truthful overmuch effort, emotion and enactment down it that I cognize it’s going to travel across.

MW- You don’t perceive the connection heist often capable these days, I’m sold conscionable from that! Thank you some for the clip and each the champion moving forward.

BA- Take care!

JDJ- Thank you, man!

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The 4400 premieres Monday nighttime starting astatine 9/8c connected The CW. Check your section listings for much information.

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