Biden Has Gotten 30,000 Out Of Afghanistan With 0 Deaths, As Republicans Kill Thousands With COVID

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During the same period when President Biden has been evacuating Americans from Afghanistan with zero deaths, Republicans have killed thousands with COVID.

Biden Has Been Getting Thousands Out Of Afghanistan With Zero Deaths

Video of Matthew Dowd on CNN:

On CNN, @matthewjdowd says the media coverage on Afghanistan has been over the top and lacking perspective. He added, "The data for the last week shows Joe Biden has basically gotten 30,000 people out of Afghanistan without a single loss of an American life."


Dowd said when asked about the media coverage on Afghanistan, “Over the top without introspective from the beginning. They added a perspective in the final days, but at the beginning, they didn’t have a perspective on it. My sense of it is we should judge it on the data of what’s happened and not by anecdotes, and sometimes the press has a tendency to judge things by anecdotes and not the data. And the data for the last week shows Joe Biden has basically gotten 30,000 people out of Afghanistan without a single loss of an American life. “

Matthew Dowd is no Biden stan, but facts are facts.

Meanwhile, Republican Governors Have Been Killing Thousands With COVID

Hospitals in Florida are on the brink of collapse as they are stretched thin and overwhelmed with COVID patients. The situation is just as dire in other Republican-led states like Mississippi and Texas.

Florida is averaging a staggering 200 COVID deaths a day. Texas is averaging 118 COVID deaths a day.

The Media Is Breathlessly Criticizing Biden For Successfully Getting Americans Out Of Afghanistan While Saying Little About Republican Governors Killing Americans With COVID

The media has been giving a diminishing share of media coverage to the red state COVID crisis, but if they would spend as much time discussing the decisions of Republican governors that are getting Americans killed as they are spending on Biden’s successful withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country would be better off.

The press has been wrong from the beginning about Afghanistan, and they continue to double down and run counter to the mood of the country instead of holding Republican governors accountable for the COVID deaths in their states.

The media is currently out of whack and out of step with the American people and ignoring the intentional killing of American citizens by Republican governors for partisan political gain.

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