Best laser pointer 2021: Let these gadgets point the way

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(Pocket-lint) - A good laser pointer can be a surprisingly versatile little tool - you can use it to elevate any presentation you might have to make, letting you point to specific data without needing to generalise or make big gestures, for example.

Equally, though, it can be a fun little toy to play with (provided you keep it away from your eyes at all costs!), and can be great for playing with pets, who'll lock onto it like a target. We've gathered a few of the best pointers you can buy right now - check them out below. 

Our guide to the best laser pointer to buy today


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Kensington Wireless Presenter


This simple, business-like laser pointer is perfect for the board room or home office, and has clear controls to let you move through a presentation. 

There's a handy USB dongle to quickly pair it to your computer, and a huge range means you don't even have to be near to your device for it to work. 


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Wireless Presenter


This laser pointer is a great alternative that's similarly aimed at professionals for presentation purposes. It's pen-shaped meaning that it can easily slip into a pocket or bag.

You get controls for your presentation and the all-important laser pointer is clear and powerful without being too risky for safety.


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VicTsing Wireless Presenter


This pointer looks much like the one above, and offers many of the same features including presentation controls, a red laser pointer and its own dongle for connections.

It's simple and easy to use, and comfortable to hold as well, and the dongle makes it easy to pair and gives solid range. 


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If you want something that has a little more fun to offer up, this pack of three pointers is perfect. It has three colours - red, green and purple, meaning that you can swap them out as you like.

It doesn't have any connectivity or smart features, and keeps things simple with just the laser to point, and that makes it great for pet owners who want to distract their furry friends for some playtime. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 23 February 2021.

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