Best compact humidifiers 2021: Add some moisture back into small rooms with these top picks

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(Pocket-lint) - Having a compact humidifier can help alleviate the issues caused by a lack of moisture in small rooms - ones that are often particularly prevalent in the winter months. 

Bigger humidifiers often feature larger tanks and potentially longer runtimes, and this can often represent overkill for homes. At worst, this can even create issues of its own, as your house may quickly end up with too much water vapour in the air, and therefore become damp.

Naturally, these humidifiers come at a range of price points, as well, with some leaning towards the basics and others throwing in extras such as diffusing, timers and the promise of remaining quiet in operation. 

To help demystify the complications around picking the right device, we've created this handy guide to the best humidifiers for small rooms. Discover them below.

Best compact humidifiers for small rooms


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Ansio Ultrasonic Humidifier (1.5L)


This option is perfect for small and medium rooms, allowing owners to add moisture to the air for up to many hours continuously.

It's light on features, but users do get dual-speed control, and the nozzle on top can be adjusted 360-degrees to tweak the direction of the misting.

For those looking for a device to sleep alongside, this also offers the option to employ the night light, and will automatically shut off once it runs out of water. 


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Victsing Humidifier and Diffuser (300ml)


Victsing has plenty of devices to pick between, but this 300ml wood-style design offers an alternative to the typical white-plastic units.

It also doubles up as both a humidifier and diffuser, with two misting settings and four timers available, for one hour, three hours, six hours or continuous use. Like others, it will automatically shut off when the oil or water has run out.

It also runs relatively quiet - at just 23dB - and the experience is backed up by a ring of light, with 14 colors available to be cycled or fixed.


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Honeywell HCM350W (4L)


Honeywell has tons of gadgets to help improve your home life, and this humidifier is ideal for filling plenty of small rooms around your house. 

It's able to add cool mist into the air from the 4L tank, with UV light also helping to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water tank. This is backed up by a wicking filter, too, which should ensure a lot less manual cleaning.

For when you do, it's also relatively easy to clean yourself, and can be thrown into the dishwasher for good measure.

The only real downside here is the fact you'll need to replace the filter quite frequently, but, overall, it does lead to much more balanced air in your home.


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Homasy Humidifier (320ml)


Homasy's portable humidifier is the ideal pick for those who require a portable option, with the 320ml tank making it a manageable size for small rooms.

It runs very quietly, at a low of 19dB and a high of around 28dB, and the operation is extremely simple. One button controls power, lighting and which of the two mist modes is in use, as the 35-degree tilted nozzle evenly spreads the moisture around the room.

Naturally, it's powered through a USB cable, and you should get around eight hours of runtime before it powers off. 


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Levoit Humidifier (4L)


If you're having issues with cleaning your usual humidifier, Levoit's 4L option may be the solution for you. 

The opening on top lets you refill the water tank and wipe down the insides with the cleaning brush, readying the device for up to 40 hours of continuous use (at the lowest speed).

It's ideal for small-medium spaces, and the aroma tray also allows you to add essential oils, not just water.

The ultrasonic technology should be able to atomize the water in the tank, too, turning it into a cleaner mist that's spread through the adjustable nozzle.


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Extsud Humidifier (500ml)


Extsud's humidifier is another small, portable option that's simple to use, with the 500ml tank giving you around 10 - 16 hours of runtime before a refill is required.

Users can pick between two misting modes, and a long-press of the device's singular button will turn on the LED light, which can show solid or pulse. 

At less than 30dB during operating, it's quiet enough for most users to keep on during sleep, and the auto-off feature means you don't have to worry about it staying powered when there's no water left to emit.


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Magictec Humidifier (2.5L)


Magictec's humidifier comes with a medium tank that's a top pick to consider for those who require continuous use in smaller rooms.

The 2.5L capacity should mean you get around 24 hours of use before it needs refilling and cleaning, with the 360-degree nozzle ensuring complete coverage.

Users can also adjust the speed using the dial on the front, too, but, naturally, this will affect the noise levels, which can reach around 30dB.

Depending on your sensitivity, this may be quiet enough for you to have on during sleep, but there are definitely quieter options out there to explore.


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Victsing Humidifier and Diffuser (150ml)


This budget Victsing device should be a top consideration for those who want both diffusing and humidifying powers in smaller spaces.

The 150ml tank is about as small as it gets, with users able to receive mist output for around 4 - 6 hours. As you might expect from a unit this small, it also runs quiet, at just 21dB.

With the press of a button, you can also access the mode for sleeping, which softens the output and offers around 6 - 9 hours of use.


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Raydrop Humidifier (1.7L)


Designed for bedside tables, office desks and to fit in smaller spaces, Raydrop's humidifier is another excellent 1.7L solution.

As with other models on this list, it's able to effectively mist your room during the night without creating too much noise, with manual control available through the dial on the front of the unit.

Naturally, it'll also automatically shut off when the water from the tank has been used, but it's able to run for around nine hours continuously before you're filling it back up.


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Ltyioe Mini Humidifier (300ml)


If you require some colour from your humidifier, Ltyioe's 300ml cylinder is about as much pop as you're going to find. 

The light is designed to act as a nightlight and will cycle during operation, though will only turn on if you hold the unit's sole button for three seconds.

The device also features a USB port on the rear, making it a good fit for bedsides tables and phone charging.

Users can pick between a continuous mode and an intermittent mode, which will see the device shut off after four and six hours, respectively. As ever, though, it'll also shut off when water levels are low.


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Movtip Portable Mini Humidifier (500ml)


Another tiny humidifier comes from Movtip, with its 500ml unit offering a very similar package to others in our test pile.

This one can pretty much fit anywhere, and that includes anywhere you'd like to take it on the move. It features two misting modes - one that continuously sprays for six hours and another that runs intermittently for 12 hours.

This is all controlled through the device's singular button, with shut-off automatically occurring when the water level is low.


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Mooka Humidifier and Diffuser (2.2L)


If you want your humidifier to offer some diffusing powers, Mooka's 2L unit could be one to strongly consider. 

It's not the smallest option on this list, but it's still able to be placed in both small and medium rooms - whether that's your bedroom, home office or hallway - and really up the humidity levels.

In use, it's also got a couple of clever features, too; there's a 180-degree nozzle to help you tweak the level of mist, and essential oils and fragrances can also be placed in the top to run alongside operation.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 25 January 2021.

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