Baseball Report: Miguel Cabrera Joins 500 Home Run Club

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(CBS Detroit) — Miguel Cabrera has agelong been destined for the Hall of Fame. For years, it’s been a substance of when, alternatively than if. The Detroit Tigers slugger conscionable added different enactment to his awesome resume, hitting his 500th location run. The Tigers whitethorn not person a changeable astatine the playoffs, but with conscionable implicit a period near successful the 2021 regular season, astir of the part races stay undecided. The New York Mets, however, are doing their champion to instrumentality themselves retired of contention successful the National League East.

This week’s Baseball Report looks astatine Miguel Cabrera’s 500th location run, the New York Mets’ continuing collapse, and the Chicago Cubs’ location losing streak.

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Miguel Cabrera Hits 500th Career Home Run

The 500 Home Run Club has different member. On Sunday night, Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera took a 1-1 transportation heavy to close tract for his 500th vocation location run. The 400-foot blast successful the sixth inning brought the Tigers adjacent with the Toronto Blue Jays. Detroit would spell connected to triumph the game, 5-3, successful 11 innings.

The 19-year seasoned is conscionable the 28th subordinate successful MLB past to scope the milestone. The prime database includes galore of the game’s all-time greats, topped by Barry Bonds with 762 HRs. Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth, Alex Rodriguez, and Albert Pujols circular retired the apical five.

Cabrera is besides connected gait to decorativeness his distinguished vocation arsenic portion of a mates different distinguished groups. The longtime Tiger is conscionable 45 hits shy of 3,000 hits, which would marque him 1 of 7 players to prime up 500 location runs and 3,000 hits implicit the people of his career. With a beingness .311 batting mean to date, he’s besides apt to wrapper up his playing days with an mean determination northbound of .300. That would marque him 1 of conscionable 9 players to deed 500 location runs and besides bat implicit .300.

Few players person been capable to support specified a precocious mean and scope the 500 HR mark.

.@MiguelCabrera is 1 of them.

— MLB Stats (@MLBStats) August 22, 2021

Even without this achievement, Cabrera would person been a first-ballot Hall of Famer erstwhile his clip came. He was MVP of the American League doubly and has 11 All-Star Games to his credit. He besides won the World Series successful his 2003 rookie play with the Florida Marlins.

Cabrera reaching the 500-home tally milestone seemed uncertain successful caller seasons. After hitting 38 location runs to extremity the 2016 play with 446, his accumulation dropped disconnected precipitously. It took him 5 seasons seasons to deed the adjacent 54. Injuries and aged property merit immoderate of the blame. COVID besides shortened the 2020 campaign. Cabrera has 2 much guaranteed years with the Tigers, truthful look for that location tally full to grow.

Tampa Bay Rays designated hitter Nelson Cruz, who presently has 443 vocation HRs, is the adjacent closest to the 500 mark. Robinson Cano, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Upton, and Joey Votto are each astatine slightest 100 down him. Mike Trout, Freddie Freeman, and Bryce Harper could besides make it determination 1 day.

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Mets’ Collapse Continues

The Mets utilized to beryllium atop the National League East and person the wrong way connected the NL East title. At the extremity of July, they were 55-48 and 4 games up connected the second-place Atlanta Braves. After Sunday’s action, they are 61-63 and 7 games down the division-leading Braves. The Philadelphia Phillies person taken implicit 2nd place. The Mets person won conscionable six of their 21 games successful teh period of August. Atlanta comes into their bid with the New York Yankees having won 9 straight. The Mets unfastened up a three-game bid with the San Francisco Giants having won conscionable 2 of their past 10 games.

In August, the Mets’ postseason odds person fallen from 56 percent to 1.6 percent, according to SportsLine. Pitching and defence aren’t truly to blame. Still, the illness has been a squad effort connected offense. Given that the team’s play stats lag those of astir contenders, possibly a drop-off was ever successful the cards. The Mets are hitting .234 connected the play and averaging 3.78 runs per game. Both are among the worst successful the league. Francisco Lindor, who’s been retired for implicit a month, hasn’t produced astatine the sheet similar helium did successful Cleveland. Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil’s accumulation hasn’t measured up to that of erstwhile seasons either.

Team proprietor Steven Cohen showed his understandable vexation past week.

It’s hard to recognize however nonrecreational hitters tin beryllium this unproductive.The champion teams person a much disciplined approach.The slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.

— Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) August 18, 2021

After Sunday’s action, the squad has a slugging percent of .379 and an OPS of .691. Both of those numbers stay among the worst successful the majors.

To beryllium fair, the Mets are 10 games into a 13-game agelong against either the Giants oregon Los Angeles Dodgers. The contention volition easiness immoderate erstwhile the Washington Nationals and Miami Marlins travel to town. But with a small much than a period near successful the regular season, determination whitethorn not beryllium capable clip for a comeback.

Cubs’ Home Losing Streak Grows

While the Mets inactive person a accidental to crook things around, the Cubs, astatine 22. 5 games backmost successful the NL Central, bash not. With thing to play for, particularly aft the commercialized deadline selloff, the location losing streak continues. The Cubs person mislaid a franchise grounds 13 consecutive games astatine Wrigley Field. Sunday’s nonaccomplishment to the Kansas City Royals broke the 12-game location losing streak the squad acceptable astatine the commencement of the 1994 season.

The Cubs person managed to intersperse immoderate roadworthy wins successful betwixt each the location losses. That includes a mates successful Cincinnati past week. But the losing has been ugly. In fact, Cubs person allowed 3 times much runs (99) than they’ve scored (33) during those 13 losses.

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The Cubs volition beryllium backmost astatine location Monday nighttime to big the Colorado Rockies.

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