‘At Every Level We Are Seeing Exponential Growth’: Taylor Cummings On Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse

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August 20, 2021 astatine 8:41 am

(CBS Local Sports)–The past play of contention successful the caller Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse league begins Friday nighttime connected CBS Sports Network and determination hasn’t been a amended subordinate successful the league than Taylor Cummings. The erstwhile University of Maryland prima and 2x nationalist champion has racked up 1,507 points successful 12 games acknowledgment to her fantabulous idiosyncratic performances and beingness connected respective winning teams implicit the past fewer weeks.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith caught up with Cummings to sermon what it has been similar to play successful this caller nonrecreational women’s lacrosse league, however she has built her Taylor Cummings Lacrosse concern disconnected the tract and the aboriginal of the athletics successful America and astir the world. Team Cummings battles Team Ohlmiller astatine 5pm EST/PST connected CBS Sports Network connected Friday.

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“It’s been a batch of amusive to play with teammates aged and new,” said Cummings. “It’s been truly large to conscionable a batch of caller people, play with antithetic radical each week and person our games streamed connected TV. One of the biggest surprises was however casual it was to gel with caller radical each week. In college, you enactment with a batch of the aforesaid radical for 4 years and it takes a portion to physique that chemistry, but present that chemistry is gathering truly quickly.”

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“My large absorption is to assistance my teams triumph and that’s what my absorption has been since I started playing squad sports erstwhile I was six years old,” said Cummings. “From that regard, it feels truly earthy and the idiosyncratic broadside of this is simply a small antithetic successful that lone 1 champion is crowned successful the end. I conscionable effort to absorption connected immoderate I tin bash individually to assistance my squad triumph and wherever I autumn connected the leaderboard each week, that’s conscionable however it plays out.”

The 27-year-old Cummings is considered by galore to beryllium the look of women’s lacrosse successful America. The midfielder led the University of Maryland to consecutive nationalist championships successful 2014 and 2015 and has a thriving concern of the tract called Taylor Cummings Lacrosse wherever she coaches and gives girls lessons. Cummings is truly encouraged by the maturation of the athletics and the aboriginal of lacrosse.

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“When I started it was precise overmuch an eastbound seashore dominated sport. You fundamentally played successful Maryland and New York and that was it,” said Cummings. “To spot lacrosse turn crossed the state and the world, to spot lacrosse get successful the Olympics, to having caller renditions of caller antheral and pistillate nonrecreational lacrosse, that’s truly breathtaking for our sport. It shows that the involvement is there. Teams volition proceed to beryllium built astatine the assemblage level, precocious schoolhouse level and nine scenes. I deliberation astatine each level we are seeing exponential growth. It tin lone mean bully things for the antheral and pistillate versions of our athletics successful the future.”

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