Ari Melber Shatters DC Elite Criticism Of Biden On Afghanistan With One Fact Check

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Ari Melber highlighted the disconnect between DC elites who are criticizing Biden on Afghanistan and the public that supports the President.


Ari Melber fact checks DC elites who are fueling the criticism of Biden's Afghanistan decision, "The share of people who agree with President Biden that this war became unwinnable is higher than what the public thinks on a range of big issues from elections to COVID policies."


Without engaging in the policy debate, the host of MSNBC’s The Beat said:

I will tell you here what the evidence suggests. Even though most Americans abhor the Taliban and see downsides to the tough decisions. There is a ton of support for the withdrawal policies and lightening the entire U.S. footprint. The share of people who agree with President Biden that this war became unwinnable is higher than what the public thinks on a range of big divisive issues from elections to COVID policies. 62% of Americans agree with Biden’s view there on the unwinnable war. 


Any pollster or political scientist can tell you. These kinds of numbers are a floor because they come amidst this toughest part of the actual logistical withdrawal. It is not like historically we see the public planning to reengage a country when they left already. Other things can change the dynamics and a few people predicted 9/11 or this pandemic. Given the track that America is on, we have evidence to see that the public does want out of these kinds of wars in a bipartisan basis.

Now, I am just doing the news. There may be valid policy reasons on national security or experts in different regions want to debate the best foreign policies. As Nicole and I were discussing, Washington elites often cheer along with every Middle Eastern war they’re offered, will have to come up with something better of this week’s exit. In American’s mind will defy and saddle president Biden’s entire time in office. 

The media and the elites are wrong. They have been wrong from the beginning. The numbers show that the American people want out of Afghanistan, and instead of being punished for the decision, he is likely to be rewarded in the future for listening to the voters and giving them exactly what they wanted.

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