Accolades and Awards For Miami-Based Short Film ‘The Woman Under The Tree’

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A abbreviated movie changeable wholly connected South Beach is winning awards and getting plentifulness of planetary attention. The movie The Woman Under The Tree is simply a 15-minute film, co-written and co-produced by Miami filmmakers, Roberto Donoso and Prashant Thakker.

It follows the beingness of a stateless pistillate named Lucia.

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“I utilized to unrecorded by Flamingo Park successful South Beach, and I utilized to locomotion astir and spot the stateless radical each the clip and I’m ever funny astir their story,” said Thakker.  “How did they extremity up similar this? Are they blessed there? Everybody has a story, truthful I wanted to archer a communicative astir a circumstantial pistillate that was older and was conscionable obsessed with a household that lives crossed the street.  I wanted to archer thing amusive and bring humanity backmost to the little desirable, arsenic the assemblage would telephone them.”

The movie follows the stateless pistillate successful South Beach, who spends astir of her clip sitting nether a tree, arsenic she watches the beingness of a household unfold successful a location crossed the street.  What archetypal looks similar voyeurism grows into thing deeper arsenic audiences observe the meaning that her regular brings to her life.

“She has this regular that each time she sits determination and watches this family, however their beingness unfolds done the location crossed the street. So arsenic the communicative evolves you larn you find retired wherefore she has this wont and what it means to her and to her journey,” said Donoso.

The full unit was section but for Bollywood manager Karishma Kohli.

The Woman Under The Tree has won Jury and Audience Awards for Best Film and has screened successful eighteen movie festivals successful 10 countries, including the Miami Film Festival successful 2020. It present tin beryllium seen connected Apple TV and iTunes successful 87 countries.

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“Out of 7,648 abbreviated films, a fistful of abbreviated films marque it connected that platform.  I deliberation the prime of our movie meets Apple’s requirements, truthful we landed connected a bully platform,” Thakker explained.

“Is determination an Oscar buzz? Could this beryllium thing that could spell for an Oscar successful the abbreviated movie category?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“We are crossing our fingers,” some men said simultaneously. “That’s the dream.”

After Petrillo’s interrogation the squad was told The Woman Under the Tree is eligible to taxable for Oscar consideration.

They volition beryllium screening successful it for audiences astatine O Cinema successful Miami from September 10 – 16. It besides remains connected Apple TV.

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