‘Absolute Utter Disaster’: South Florida Veterans Rip Handling Of Afghanistan Drawdown Following Kabul Attack

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sacrifice is simply a ineffable connection for veterans who enactment their beingness connected the enactment for America’s freedom.

“In my institution and successful my battalion we mislaid a batch of guys, including a bully person of excavation from Atlanta, Lance Cpl. Raymon Johnson,” said seasoned Brian Lupo.

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It was connected the mode location from this Canes crippled erstwhile Lance Cpl. Johnson tried allaying Lupo’s father’s fears. He told him that his son, present a retired Marine Corporal, would beryllium good connected his archetypal deployment to Afghanistan backmost on, of each days, September 11, 2010.

Ironically, it was the warrior offering up the words of comfortableness who didn’t marque it retired alive.

“They were retired connected a patrol and deed an IED. He was blown up,” recalled Lupo.

Since his tragic decease 11 years ago, and good implicit a twelvemonth since the past American casualty successful Afghanistan, 13 different U.S. work members were killed and dozens much injured Thursday successful likewise convulsive explosions extracurricular Kabul’s airport.

“I deliberation it’s a immense stain, it’s a achromatic oculus for the country,” said Lupo.

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“I emotion my country, dice for my country, but I’m perfectly ashamed of my authorities close now,” said retired Navy antheral Shepard Horwitz.

Friends Horwitz and Lupo, who some unrecorded successful Broward, are aggravated astir however things are playing retired successful Afghanistan.

“It’s conscionable an implicit utter catastrophe the mode this drawdown was handled,” said Lupo.

“Everybody is looking astatine america similar a laughing stock. As a ace power, it weakened us,” said Horwitz.

But it didn’t weaken the representation of those who sacrificed it all, similar Lance Cpl. Johnson. His brothers successful arms are present offering up his ain words of encouragement to different veterans.

“Keep your chin up. There’s different work members that are successful the aforesaid vessel you are, and we request each different close now. Reach retired to them, cheque connected them, inquire however they are doing,” said Lupo. “Talk astir it. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to speech about. Put your emotions out.”

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Both veterans agreed it was clip to permission Afghanistan, but blasted President Joe Biden for however it has unfolded.

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