7 Great Coffee Table Options That Look Cool In Any Room

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Coffee tables — oregon cocktail tables, depending connected your favourite beverage — tin bash truthful overmuch much than conscionable clasp drinks. They tin beryllium a connection portion successful your living room if you opt for the close look. Whether they person an eye-catching signifier oregon are made from an antithetic material, determination are java array and cocktail array options disposable astatine immoderate terms point. You tin up the “wow “factor of your caller furnishings by adding décor accents, from trays to java array books.

Here are 8 chill java tables for your living room from Amazon, Wayfair and more. From modern to rustic, there’s an enactment for each benignant and budget.

Convenience Concepts Soho java table

Convenience Concepts Soho java  table

Convenience Concepts via Amazon

Check retired the eye-catching little support of this modern java array with solid sides. Pick from six colors; prices vary. The listed terms beneath is for the faux birch-and-glass exemplary (pictured).

Convenience Concepts Soho java array (40″ x 17.75″ x 37″), $95

Dartmouth three-leg java table

Dartmouth three-leg java  table

Foundry Select via Wayfair

This teak wood-slab java array adds immoderate rustic flair to immoderate space. It has 3 legs and makes for a chill connection piece.

“I was blown distant by this earthy portion of creation that wholly gives my surviving abstraction an other flare,” reviewer Danielle says. “Hands down, this enactment of creation is simply a existent speech piece.”

Dartmouth three-leg java array (17″ x 40″ x 28″), $530

Marisol java table

Marisol java  table

Urban Outfitters

You tin take from 2 sizes successful this arched, rattan java array with a boho feel, oregon prime up both. You tin nest the smaller array nether the bigger 1 erstwhile you request much space. At past look, some the tiny and ample tables were disposable for pre-order.

Marisol java array (22″ x 16″ x 14″), $129 (pre-order)


Marisol java array (44″ x 16″ x 17.13″), $199 (pre-order)


Three legs, 2 nesting tables

Three legs, 2  nesting tables

Foundry Select via Wayfair

Speaking of nesting tables, these modern ones travel successful achromatic oregon brown. They’re made of manufactured wood and don’t instrumentality up excessively overmuch room, making them an fantabulous enactment for tiny spaces. (Note: As of this update, lone the achromatic exemplary was successful stock.)

Three legs, 2 nesting tables (15.7″ x 39.4″ x 19.7″), $173

Lulu and Georgia Amina circular java table

Lulu and Georgia Amina circular  java  table

Lulu and Georgia

If you’re consenting to splurge, this gorgeous, round, rattan java array from Lulu and Georgia pairs beautifully with a beachy-inspired tray layered connected top. It adds a earthy consciousness to immoderate space.

Lulu and Georgia Amina circular java array (33″ x 16″), $998

Ganley sled java table

Ganley sled java  table


If you privation your java array décor to shine, opt for a rectangular java array that seems to disappear. This acrylic java array allows everything astir it to beryllium the focus.

“It practically disappears truthful that my abstraction does not look crowded oregon cluttered,” reviewer Sara says. “The lines are precise cleanable and elegant, but the array is precise sturdy and not flimsy astatine all.”

Ganley sled java array (16″ x 32″ x 16″), $260

Lipscomb pedestal quadrate java table

Lipscomb pedestal quadrate  java  table

Brayden Studio via Wayfair

This modern, factual connection portion sits debased to the crushed and is suitable for indoor oregon outdoor use. The quadrate java array has a grey hue and an acrylic seal to forestall staining.

“It looks arsenic though I spent a fortune,” reviewer Gloria says. “It is little than the mean java table, but inactive looks amazing, particularly successful a modern, sleek setting.”

Lipscomb pedestal quadrate java array (12″ x 43″ x 43″), $840

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