2021 World’s Strongest Man Finale Airing On CBS Saturday, September 4

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September 1, 2021 astatine 8:00 am

(CBS Local)- The 2021 SBD World’s Strongest Man contention featuring four-time champion Brian Shaw, crowns its champion this play connected CBS Television Network. Audiences tuning successful volition spot the 10 finalists from a tract of 25 qualifiers vie crossed aggregate events to gain the coveted rubric of World’s Strongest Man.

The 44th variation of the contention sees Colorado autochthonal Shaw joined by 24-year-old Trey Mitchell and the Stoltman brothers, Luke and Tom, competing on with the remainder of the tract crossed a assortment of tests. Some of the highlights of this year’s contention see the satellite celebrated Atlas Stones, Reign Total Body Fuel Keg Toss, Fingal’s Fingers, the KNAACK Deadlift and Titan’s Turntable. What bash those events entail? Check retired the descriptions below.

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Atlas Stones- The signature lawsuit of the World’s Strongest Man competitions since being introduced successful 1986, the 5 heavy, spherical stones summation successful value from 100 kg (~220 pounds) to 160 kg (~353 pounds). They indispensable beryllium placed connected 5 corresponding platforms astir thorax high.

REIGN Total Body Fuel Keg Toss- The keg flip was inspired by the traditions of the Highland Games. It’s a trial of powerfulness arsenic athletes person to propulsion kegs that summation successful value implicit a 4.42 metre (~14.5 foot) precocious wall. Athletes lone get 1 effort to wide the partition astatine each weight.

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Fingal’s Fingers- This event, archetypal added to the programme successful 2000, gets its sanction from a mythological Gaelic hunter-warrior. A bid of hinged poles (fingers) are lifted by the athletes from a horizontal resting presumption and flipped implicit to the different side. The poles summation successful magnitude and value arsenic competitors succeed. Weights scope from 200 kg (~440 pounds) to 300 kg (~661 pounds).

KNAACK Deadlift- A acquainted workout for each time athletes, the deadlift tin instrumentality 2 antithetic forms successful the World’s Strongest Man competition. Competitors tin spell for a maximum value successful a round-robin format wherever athletes attempting to assistance assorted weights until 1 antheral is near standing. Or, athletes tin beryllium asked to assistance a acceptable value for a maximum fig of repetitions successful a definite clip framework (usually ~75 seconds).

Titan’s Turntable- New to the contention this year, this lawsuit sees athletes propulsion an antique locomotive seated connected a ample turntable. The athletes volition beryllium asked to propulsion the turntable, topped by a 19th period JW Bowker steam engine, 180 degrees successful arsenic abbreviated a clip arsenic possible.

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This year’s contention has been airing connected CBS and CBS Sports Network passim July and August and present fans volition get to spot who volition beryllium crowned the World’s Strongest Man connected Saturday, September 4 astatine 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time connected CBS and streaming unrecorded via Paramount+ Premium.

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