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PRESENTING: CEOs from Taco Bell, Blue Apron, and Momofuku explain how they're serving customers in new ways and how these methods could become the new normal


The coronavirus pandemic has created a major setback the food and restaurant industries, but some companies may come out stronger.

Business Insider spoke to CEOs from companies like Momofuku and Thrive Market who have found new ways to serve customers. They explained how their companies, their industries, and the world will change after the pandemic. 

Linda Findley Kozlowski, CEO of Blue Apron, said that her company became an "essential business" practically overnight to provide consumers food directly to their homes. 

Nick Green, cofounder and CEO of online grocery store Thrive Market, said we're likely to see a 4x increase in online grocery shopping in the "new normal."

Taco Bell CEO Mark King said changes in Asia will inform how the restaurant industry reopens in the US.

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