2 At Once? COVID Booster Lining Up With Flu Shot Season

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The CDC is recommending that radical get a COVID-19 booster 8 months aft your 2nd shot. For galore people, that’s going to autumn close successful the mediate of erstwhile they would besides beryllium receiving their flu vaccine.

“When the COVID vaccines archetypal came out, we said nary different vaccines wrong 2 weeks of a COVID vaccine,” said Dr. Amy Crawford-Faucher of Allegheny Health Network.

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Until a fewer months ago, scientists didn’t privation overlap. But Dr. Crawford-Faucher said radical tin present get their flu changeable and COVID booster astir the aforesaid time.

“Because we were conscionable rolling this retired to tons of people, we truly wanted to beryllium axenic successful knowing that if you had a reaction, it was owed to the COVID vaccine and not from thing else,” she said.

People successful enactment for the booster changeable didn’t look to caput that different changeable is successful their not-so-distant future.

Nurse and vaccine recipient Marie Geubtner said, “I would get the flu shot. I get it each year”

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Vaccine recipient Mary Louise Pastorok said, “So, I did that booster too. I get each my boosters, each my shots, each the time.”

Infectious illness specializer Dr. Graham Snyder warns against skipping the flu shot, saying we volition not apt spot a repetition wintertime with debased flu cases.

“We were moving from home, we’re doing schoolhouse from home, we were limiting the fig of contacts that we had, and we were masking,” Snyder said. “Now, obviously, that has changed, and volition astir apt stay changed going into this winter.”

That’s wherefore doctors accidental docket some shot, successful immoderate bid works champion for your schedule.

Researchers are already discussing a combo changeable that would screen some the coronavirus and the flu.

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But doctors accidental it’s excessively aboriginal to accidental erstwhile that could beryllium developed.

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