13 Perfect Summer Beach Reads For 2021

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Summer’s present — and truthful is the summertime formation read. With the other clip connected hand, there’s thing amended than picking retired a caller publication to flight into.

What makes a large formation read?

If summertime is astir getting distant from it all, past the summertime formation work is astir helping instrumentality you there. The cleanable formation work is an casual page-turner that inactive has substance. Vacation is the cleanable clip to contemplate, aft all.

Culled mostly from the ranks of Amazon’s best-selling books, these 13 recommended formation reads volition person you hooked. The picks are each disposable for acquisition done Amazon, and each boast four-star ratings oregon higher connected the site. Most were recently published wrong the past year, and each are disposable successful hardcover and for the Kindle e-reader. (Check retired these waterproof Kindle e-readers to marque these summertime formation reads genuinely beach-safe.)

Looking for the cleanable complement — and companion — to your summer vacation? Read connected to find retired what to read. Listed prices are existent arsenic of publication.

“The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel”

 A Novel"

Simon & Schuster via Amazon

Months earlier the latest communicative from Laura Dave (“The Divorce Party”) was published, Reese Witherspoon and her accumulation institution snapped up the rights, and Julia Roberts signed connected to star in its bid adaptation for Apple TV+. So, yes, “The Last Thing He Told Me” has juice. It’s the communicative of a woman, her teen step-daughter — and a hubby who goes missing. Vogue called the caller “light and bright, contempt its edgy plot.”

“The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel” (Kindle Edition), $14

“The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel” (Hardcover), $16



The Dial Press via Amazon

Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed” still holds beardown arsenic a bestseller since its merchandise successful March 2020. Her No. 1 New York Times bestselling memoir has had celebrities from Reese Witherspoon to Oprah Winfrey raving, with millions of copies sold. This affectional page-turner tells the empowering communicative of Doyle’s self-discovery. Find retired what happens erstwhile she leaves discontentment down successful favour of surviving her truth.

“Untamed” (Kindle Edition), $15

“Untamed” (Hardcover), $14

“Project Hail Mary”

Project Hail Mary

Ballantine Books via Amazon

Is determination a genre that’s much escapist than sci-fi? If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world travel this summer, then “Project Hail Mary” may beryllium your ticket. The caller caller by Andy Weir, champion known for “The Martian,” is astir a antheral who wakes up connected a spaceship with nary thought wherefore he’s there, oregon who helium is. Fortunately for humankind, helium comes to larn he’s not precisely unqualified for his presumption (he’s an astronaut) oregon his ngo (to prevention the Earth). Like different books successful this rundown, “Project Hail Mary” is bound for Hollywood: Ryan Gosling is set to prima successful the big-screen version.

“Project Hail Mary” (Kindle Edition), $15

“Project Hail Mary” (Hardcover), $14

“Seven Days successful June”

Seven Days successful  June

Grand Central Publishing via Amazon

This caller caller by Tia Williams (“The Accidental Diva”) seems custom-made for formation readers. “Seven Days successful June” is acceptable not lone successful the summer, natch, but besides the satellite of books. The communicative of 2 authors reconnecting aft a long-ago, teenage fling was hailed arsenic “[o]ne of the astir anticipated romance novels of the summer” by Oprah Daily.

“Seven Days successful June” (Kindle Edition), $14

“Seven Days successful June” (Hardcover), $17

“Malibu Rising: A Novel”

Malibu Rising

Random House via Amazon

“Malibu Rising” is the latest caller by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reid antecedently offered up 1 of 2019’s champion formation reads successful “Daisy Jones & the Six,” a faux oral past of a faux 1970s euphony supergroup. This clip out, Reid spins a communicative that’s acceptable chiefly successful 1983, and concerns a Southern California family, a location enactment — and a raging wildfire. Praised Publishers Weekly: “This page-turning indulgence hits the spot.”

“Malibu Rising” (Kindle Edition), $14

“Malibu Rising” (Hardcover), $17

“The Guncle”

The Guncle

G.P. Putnam’s Sons via Amazon

This caller caller by Steven Rowley (“Lily and the Octopus”) was named 1 of the Washington Post’s “[f]eel-good books to brighten your summer.” In “The Guncle”, Patrick, known to his young niece and nephew arsenic Gay Uncle Patrick, oregon GUP, unexpectedly becomes the caretaker to the 2 tykes. “Rowley’s extent and wit volition lukewarm adjacent the astir jaded hearts,” the Post judged.

“The Guncle” (Kindle Edition), $15

“The Guncle” (Hardcover), $21

“The Chosen and the Beautiful” 

The Chosen and the Beautiful

Tordotcom via Amazon

In “one of 2021’s must-read novels,” per Bustle, writer Nghi Vo (“The Empress of Salt and Fortune”) reimagines “The Great Gatsby” from the position of Jordan Baker. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, Jordan is simply a achromatic southerner who is Nick Carroway’s emotion interest. In “The Chosen and the Beautiful,” she’s a queer Vietnamese adoptee. “Did we notation the publication besides mixes successful magical realism?” USA Today asked. (USA Today did — and the publication does.)

“The Chosen and the Beautiful” (Kindle Edition)

“The Chosen and the Beautiful” (Hardcover)

“The Other Black Girl: A Novel”

The Other Black Girl

Atria Books via Amazon

This debut caller by Zakiya Dalila Harris is generating tons of buzz. An Amazon editors’ prime arsenic a Best Book of June 2021, “The Other Black Girl” draws from Harris’ erstwhile workaday beingness astatine a apical publishing house. Billed arsenic a thriller, the caller tells the communicative of Nella, a 26-year-old editorial adjunct astatine (wait for it) a apical publishing house. Nella is the lone Black staffer successful the different all-white squad until Hazel comes connected committee — and complications ensue. “Harris’s penning propels you guardant done the story,” the New York Times said.

“The Other Black Girl” (Kindle Edition), $13

“The Other Black Girl” (Hardcover), $13

“The Ugly Cry: A Memoir”

The Ugly Cry

Viking via Amazon

The archetypal non-fiction work successful this rundown, “The Ugly Cry” is Danielle Henderson’s communicative of increasing up, arsenic the book’s publisher puts it, “Black, weird, and overwhelmingly uncool successful a mostly achromatic vicinity successful upstate New York.” Henderson, who was raised by her grandmother, is simply a TV writer (“Maniac”) and podcaster (“I Saw What You Did”). Her memoir is, the Associated Press declared, “powerful and energetic.”

“The Ugly Cry” (Hardcover), $15

“The Ugly Cry” (Hardcover), $20

“People We Meet connected Vacation”

People We Meet connected  Vacation

Berkley via Amazon

Author Emily Henry virtually wrote the publication connected formation reads — or, 1 of them astatine least: Her 2020 entry, “Beach Read,” was a New York Times bestseller. The novelist returns this summertime with “People We Meet connected Vacation,” about 2 longtime friends, Alex and Poppy, who resume their once-annual ritual of summering together. The Wall Street Journal called retired Henry’s “laugh-out-loud funny” dialogue.

“People We Meet connected Vacation” (Kindle Edition), $10

“People We Meet connected Vacation” (Paperback), $10

“Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid: America’s Original Gangster Couple”

Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt via Amazon

No, true-crime tales are not for streaming binges only. “Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid” is a tome by seasoned writer Glenn Stout astir Jazz Age baddies Margaret and Richard Whittemore, aka the “original gangster couple” of the book’s subtitle. Stout’s enactment is 1 of the New York Times’ picks for champion new true-crime books to work for summertime 2021. “Stout has done much than simply chronicle the couple’s crimes,” Tina Jordan wrote for the Times. “He has tried to recognize what motivated the Whittemores.”

“Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid” (Kindle Edition), $15

“Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid” (Hardcover), $16

“Crazy Rich Asians”

Crazy Rich Asians

Anchor via Amazon

A classical beach-reading acquisition demands a classical formation work — oregon two. Here’s the archetypal prime from this bucket: Kevin Kwan’s mammoth 2013 hit, “Crazy Rich Asians.” Whether you’re re-reading the caller for the 100th time, oregon speechmaking it for the archetypal clip (after seeing the deed movie for the 100th time), you’ll beryllium swept into the craziness that is the romance of Rachel Chu and Nick Young.

“Crazy Rich Asians” (Kindle Edition), $10

“Crazy Rich Asians” (Paperback), $7.48

“Valley of the Dolls”

Valley of the Dolls

Grove Press via Amazon

This is our 2nd prime for a classical formation read. Jacqueline Susann’s passionate, and passionately written, “Valley of the Dolls” was archetypal published successful 1966. Set successful the post-World War II New York City, it’s a communicative of 3 young women with large dreams, and occasionally large cause problems. Summed up Nancy Bachrach once for NPR, “‘Valley of the Dolls’ is simply a zipper-ripper that has been called trashy, tawdry, glitzy, lusty, sordid and seamy — and that’s conscionable the opening of its appeal.”

“Valley of the Dolls” (Kindle Edition), $10

“Valley of the Dolls” (Paperback), $14

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