1/6 Committee Targets Ivanka Trump As The Domino To Make Trump Fall

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The 1/6 Committee knows that Ivanka Trump has direct information about her father’s behavior on 1/6, which could have major repercussions.

Via: the AP:

But her proximity to him on Jan. 6 could provide the Committee with direct access to what Trump was doing during those crucial three hours when his supporters violently stormed Capitol.

“Ivanka Trump has details about what occurred in the lead-up to and on Jan. 6 and about the former president’s state of mind as events unfolded,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla, a member of the panel, told The Associated Press.

Ivanka Trump Also Has Information On Republican Members Of Congress

The Committee also knows that Ivanka Trump has information on Republicans in Congress and their communications with her father on 1/6. Ivanka Trump could derail her dad’s dreams of a political comeback and also sink any congressional co-conspirators that she knows about.

The repercussions of Ivanka Trump saying anything could vibrate throughout the Republican Party.

Ivanka Trump Was Not An Official Government Employee

Ivanka Trump may have no claim to executive privilege because she wasn’t an employee of the federal government. Ivanka Trump was named a senior advisor to Trump, but she never collected a salary or went through any formal hiring process. She got her security clearance because Trump overruled national security officials and gave it to her.

A president can name a table as a senior adviser, but that designation doesn’t guarantee executive privilege.

If Ivanka Trump refuses to cooperate, it could mean real trouble for Republicans and the Trump family.

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